Monday, 30 April 2018

S.O.S NEW SINGLE 'Like A Flower' Out Now

S.O.S Releases Single: "Like A Flower”

The budding electro-pop artist S.O.S releases her brand new, thought-provoking single "Like A Flower" on the 27th April as a FREE download through SoundCloud <here> and on sale via all major download and streaming platforms.

Highlighting a tender, unvoiced subject matter, "Like A Flower" is a statement track set to create waves and turn a few heads as it goes public. The edgy 24 year old singer-songwriter behind the track teamed up with the talented writers Annie Tisshaw and Manu Pelekanos to create a raw, unfiltered and beautifully honest song.

"Like A Flower” has already begun receiving rave reviews and has been supported and played by Gareth Lloyd at BBC Music Introducing. The track features a satisfying blend of electronic sounds which were carefully selected by S.O.S herself, heading the production team on this unconventional pop track. The team was completed by the guys at The Animal Farm studios in London who put the final touches on the recording and Shane The Cutter taking care of the master. This impressive combination has now become the staple S.O.S sound which can be found on most of her releases.

S.O.S; or as she's known to her friends - Sophie Debattista, was born in Malta. At the age of 18, this quirky island-girl followed her British roots to the UK and moved to London to pursue a career in music. Shortly after making the move, Sophie received a scholarship to study Songwriting at
The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance (ICMP). Before graduating, she spent 3 important years at the North-West London university; writing, collaborating, performing and producing. It was at this university that the "Like A Flower" collaboration was born and developed into the song it is
today. Since then, Sophie has been performing at many live music events and festivals around the UK and can be regularly found busking on the TFL network to self-fund her music.

Sophie explains that she has wanted to write a captivating pop tune that addresses the delicate topic of miscarriage for a while, and "Like A Flower" does just that. The lyric is direct yet written in an extremely sympathetic way, conveying how a person’s life can instantly be turned upside down by this
situation. Throughout her writing, S.O.S draws inspiration from past experiences that either she or her loved ones have gone through. "Like A Flower" is no exception to this method of writing and is a song that S.O.S holds very close to her heart.

Sophie says; "This was one of the hardest songs I've ever had to write. We spent hours refining the lyrics to ensure we accurately portray the emotions of the piece, whilst remaining as respectful as possible. It is such a difficult subject-matter to write about and that's why I think it's rarely highlighted, not just in pop music but in society too. The more women I speak to, the more I realise that so many people have gone through this terrible experience, yet hardly ever speak out about it. For this reason, I wanted 'Like A Flower' to be the song to say; I know this situation sucks but it's totally ok to let your voice and your story be heard, should you wish to do so. It's just a little reminder that you don't have to go through this pain alone."