Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Reverse Family Release New Single 'You're A Cult'

Each song represents a single day in the life. A unique experience, a mini drama, a vignette, however dramatic or routine, emotionally charged or neutral, all reflecting the trials, pressures, normalities, mundanities everyone might experience in any given 24 hours.

Reverse Family is the solo project of Dermot Illogical, aided by a fluid band of collaborators from time to time, this debut offering is a lo-fi exploration into an experimental DIY web of sounds and flavours which is hard to pin down but certainly embraces everything from post punk and noise pop to indie and old school punk. In this day and age, in music and recording, because of the immediate hands on technology available, so much emphasis is placed on crafting, shaping, controlling, polishing that any sense of spontaneity or evidence of the initial composition can be eradicated. Through this misguided desire to seek perfection, the undesirable mess of accident, glitch, character and, god forbid, human error is wiped clean. 365 sets out to redress the balance!

By allowing the elements of simplicity, chance and accident to live and breathe, 365 takes on an appropriate punk ethic to achieve a punk sound! The decision to start 365 was the light of inspiration in an otherwise dark place, to create something positive from the black swamp of personal despair at the time of the death of a great friend and band mate, going through divorce, dealing with the serious illness of both parents among other traumas took Dermot to the edge... With a tongue in cheek lining to the lyrical reflection shaping songs which spreads into the music itself, Reverse Family is a beguiling adventure with a nod to the past and a grip on an imagination as fresh as it is, well quite simply a touch loco.