Sunday, 8 April 2018

Re-Arna Releases New Single You & Me + Video

Winner of ‘Best EDM/Dance Song’ 2017 and 'Best Alternative Song' 2016 for the Indie Music Channel in the U.S, Australian born artist Re-Arna, prides herself on being a passionate international songwriter as well as singer. Re-Arna has had releases in Europe and Australia and 2018 marks the release of You And Me in Greece/Cyprus with UP2U Records, in Romania, Moldova and Bulgaria with Roton Music, and now Australia wide in conjunction with The A&R Department.

Re-Arna has worked with world class DJs and producers globally over the last decade, has been featured as a 'Top New Artist' in the US on Mix 106.3 fm website/ Radio, and featured on the ‘MTV Artist’s to Watch’ online campaign. Amongst other global tours, she has performed as a guest artist at 'The Whiskey' in LA, USA at the IMCA (Indie Music Channel Awards). Re-Arna has been a featured artist on other musicians works and releases for many years and now, following her 2017 tour in Europe, she is honoured to debut her own original works as Re-Arna with the release of You And Me.

You And Me captures the innocence of the very moment you fall for your true love. “For years my practice of writing was simply a vessel to work through arduous emotions. Sometimes the simple yet perfectly beautiful moments, that make us human, also need to be acknowledged. Why not simplify life sometimes, and smell the roses. Love is a very gratifying and powerful emotion, why not celebrate it. Sometimes it’s that simple.”

You And Me was originally composed by Jon Lambousis/Re-Arna in its raw artistic arrangement, in early 2017, in Australia. The existing earthy creation then sparked the interest of production group 318 Records, in Europe. The arrangement was further nurtured by the artist minds of Mihalis Papathanasiou, Aris Kalimeris and Jon Lambousis. The recreated You And Mewas then recorded, mixed and mastered by Mihalis Papathanasiou at the well-Known Prism Studios in Athens, also at Black Rock Studios, Santorini.

To enhance the true beauty, and coincidently yet favourably accentuating the primitive nature of the romantic subject matter, Re-Arna partnered with international talented film clip Director Sherif Francis, and travelled to Greece for filming of the film clip, that took place at the Royal Palace of TatoĆ­ou, amongst the souring trees, the inquisitive wild life and the true beauty of this natural forest. It is here that Sherif created his master piece that is currently proving to be very successful in Europe.

For Fans Of: Joss Stone | Adele | Selina Gomez

‘You And Me’ is available now in Digital Stores.