Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Perk Release New Song "Coming Home" Featuring Kelly Paige on 27th April

PERK – “COMING HOME” feat. Kelly Paige April 27th 2018.

PERK's new single "Coming Home", with it's dark and mysterious vibe, is something totally different than their debut single.

"My Father's Eyes" did great and got airplay on stations around the world, and was featured on many Spotify playlists.

Now it's time for something that truly represents the PERK sound. Guitars, piano and Anders raspy singing voice.

"Coming Home" is a duet and features the talented Los Angeles based artist Kelly Paige with her sensual, "in your face" voice that really grabs hold of the listener.

From Nashville to London to Austin and New York City...Country to Jazz to Rock and Cabaret...Kelly Paige has done it all.Genre-blending and boundary-crossing are just a natural part of her creative process: "I want to create music that actually says something, means something and stands for something that matters... that makes you think...” .

A nomadic spirit and yet a deep connection to her roots makes “Coming Home” a personal journey.

With the worldwide renowned, Nashville songwriters Hall of Fame nominated, songwriter Sharon Vaughn's lyrics you can actually feel getting homesick while listening to "Coming Home".

PERK: Songwriters, producers, artists Nalle Ahlstedt and Anders Borgius have written and produced songs for many international stars like Celine Dion, Bella Thorne, Sarah Connor, Clay Aiken, VIXX, Smokie, Sean Smith, Helena Paparizou and many more.

Their collaboration started out as songwriting partners writing on demand for other artists, and they immediately found that working together always felt smooth and effortless.

Having discovered the mutual love for good melodic pop and country music they decided to create a scene where they have the possibility to let their own creative ideas flow.

The result is PERK; an Indie-band born in the summer of 2017. The sound is a blend of pop and country with a touch of Scandinavian simplicity and melancholy.
The core of every song is a great melody.

Music&Lyrics: Nalle Ahlstedt, Anders Borgius, Sharon Vaughn