Monday, 21 May 2018

Meg Myers Releases New Single 'Numb' + Album Details

And we now have a music video! Since 'Numb' was first announced Meg Myers had been teasing that a music video for it was on the way, and boy does it deliver. It's a simple tale in the sense, a person at their breaking point as everyone around her attempts to make her look, feel and act the way that they want her to. But what really makes Meg stand out from many a musician, is how she's able to convey so many different facial expressions with just a few glances. It more than sells the story of what the song is trying to convey, and tears our hearts into a million pieces in the process.

You can check out the music video for 'Numb' below and let us know your thoughts.


No this is not a drill! Meg Myers is back with a brand new song AND an album on the way. That is right my friend! And 'Numb' is every bit as spectacular as you can imagine. Not that there was any doubt considering Meg Myers is yet to make a bad song (there's a reason she was one of our 2016 Artists of the Year)

Meg explained more in a post on Pledge Music where you can pre-order the album:

"Hello Universe-

I am back!!!!!!! And I can finally answer that often asked question, “When is your new album coming out?” It is with so much pride and joy, that I announce my brand new album, “Take Me To The Disco”, will be released on July 20th on 300 Entertainment.

It brings tears to my eyes to write this note as it has been the most amazing journey since the release of “Sorry”, almost 3 years ago. Time has flown by fast in some ways, it does seem just like yesterday that I was releasing my debut album. In other ways, it has been a slow process. I started this album in June of 2016. I wrote over 50 songs, recorded in some form 30 or more of those.

I have never been as proud of anything in my entire life. This album means everything to me. This 3 year period has been one of major growth for me. With growth of course, there are always ups and downs. This album documents that journey for me to get to today. It was not easy, but I am stronger than ever and so excited to share these songs with you. This journey was made a lot easier knowing I had the most amazing fans in the world!"

You can listen to 'Numb' below and pre-order "Take Me to the Disco" Now.