Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Legends of Tomorrow 3x18 The Good, The Bad and The Cuddly Review: All Hail Beebo

What a way to end the season! Some will undoubtedly say it was rushed in places, and there was a heck of a lot to digest, but Legends of Tomorrow’s 3rd season well and truly went out with a bang.

The action picked up right where the previous episode ended. Mallus was free and their plan had gone slightly awry so the Legends were forced to retreat. Wally kept Mallus busy for a few minutes to allow the team to get back onto the ship, whilst Rip seemingly sacrificed himself to allow the team to escape.

Whilst the Legends were trying to form a back-up plan as they’d well and truly messed up, Ray was sneaking off with Damien. Yes, he teamed up with one of the Legends biggest and fiercest enemies in order to travel back to the moment just before Mallus was freed and save Nora. I didn’t particularly agree with this move. The show and indeed the whole of the Arrow universe has gone to great pains to tell us that traveling back to a moment you’ve already been to, is extremely dangerous. The fact that the show decided to bend this rule in order to save Nora & sacrifice Damien instead, but it’s absolutely impossible to bring back Earth 1 Laurel Lance? Yeah, I’m extremely bitter over that.

Anyway, the Legends decide to temporarily hide out in the Wild West. Sara, Mick, Wally & Zari head to the bar to do some ‘thinking’ and they run into old friend Jonah Hex. Amaya meanwhile goes on another vision question with Nate tagging along, and realizes the reason why the totems have so far failed to work is because they’ve been using them incorrectly. Sara is still set on the totems working incorrectly because the Legends aren’t worthy of using them, and it’s left to Ava to deliver the pep talk this time.

Yep, Zari sends out a rallying cry for back-up to fight Mallus’s army of Roman’s, pirates and Vikings, and the rallying cry arrives in the form of Jax, Ava, Kuasa who is now good thanks to Amaya & Nate changing history last week and of course Helen of troy. ‘Helen Hunt’ was one of the best episodes this 3rd season produced, so it was wonderful to see Bar Paly again and of course Franz Drameh. When Jax left following Stein’s death in the crossover, it did leave a massive hole on the ship, and it’s great to see that Jax has found peace and indeed made a new life for himself following his departure.

Whilst the episode does have the trademark Legends humour, it very much isn’t fun and games. The cavalry go through a quick spate of training, before Mallus’s army returns to make good on their promise of death & destruction. Sara obviously isn’t going to hand over the totems, and the battle begins. We’re treated to Ava taking Sara away on a horse, Amaya & Kuasa working side by side with Nate, Helen taking great joy in defeating all who come her way and of course some Wally speedster action. Ray even arrives in time with Nora by his side, and they’re greeted by a load of guns as Ray has to explain that Nora is good now and Damien has taken her place as Mallus’s connection.

The Legends and the cavalry are able to defeat Mallus’s army but not for long. He’s soon resurrecting them, and they’re soon coming again. As Helen, Ava, Kuasa, Ray, Jax & Jonah once again hold them off, the Legends are forced to try and use the totems again. It is literally the only way to defeat Mallus and Sara is forced to put her scepticism aside as Amaya takes charge. The Legends all join together once more, and this time with positive vibes seeking through instead of muddle self doubt, they clear their minds and the totems work to create a powerful being strong enough to take down Mallus.

What powerful being does the totem conjure you ask? Well thanks to Nate still being high & Zari unable to stop thinking about him either, the great blue God Beebo is back to save the day! Ever since he was first introduced earlier this season, Beebo immediately captured the heart of the Legends of Tomorrow fanbase. He’s so cute, so cuddly, and introducing him to the show is basically one of the greatest things it’s ever done. Because seriously, what other show could possibly make a soft plush toy this epic?

The answer is none.

Beebo is conjured by the Legends to act for them against Mallus. This is also an excellent callback to the first Ghostbusters movie, where the marshmallow man was conjured as a form of Gozer. Jax, Ava, Jonah, Ray, Nora, Kuasa and Helen can only look on completely and utterly shocked as Beebo goes after Mallus. The fight isn’t easy of course. Beebo gets the upper hand on Mallus at first, but then Mallus quickly overpowers him and Beebo is soon on the floor crying that he can’t breathe.

At this point Jax and Ava are urging the Legends not to give up whilst I’m crying, and I haven’t cried during a battle since the 3rd Transformers movie! Beebo is soon getting the upper hand once more and knocking Mallus around for fun, until he eventually manages to completely overpower and kill him.

That’s right! Beebo managed to do what the Legends have tried and failed to do all season, and take down Mallus! Beebo then explodes into blue and white furry smoke, and the Legends appear a bit dazed but they’re soon celebrating over finally defeating Mallus.

In the aftermath the Time Bureau is on the scene to wipe memories & escort the Vikings, roman’s and pirates back to their correct timelines, but not before the Viking Queen gushes about our favourite blue God. Jax also heads back home to his baby, and Amaya also decides to go back to her timeline. Zari & Sara try to change her mind, but seeing how good things have turned out with Kuasa now and the fact Mallus is gone, all means that her work with the Legends is done and it’s time to take up her place with her other family. Nate escorts her back home and offers to erase her memory, but Amaya wants to be able to remember him as it’s the only thing she has left of him.

Nate summons all of his strength to walk away from Amaya without looking back. It’s probably the first time I’ve actually felt bad for their love story. It was of course never going to work, Amaya’s presence was always temporary, but the show has been too heavy handed in places with their story. Where sympathy and sadness for these two ill fated lovers should be, there’s instead relief that this story is finally over. Fortunately Maisie’s time on Legends of Tomorrow is not. Prior to the finale interviews hinted that a character would be leaving the show, and fans once again began to fret. However Caity accidentally let it slip during ClexaCon that Maisie would be on the shows 4th season, but as a new character.

Nora is another character making an exit of sorts. She’s arrested by the Time Bureau in the aftermath of the battle, but Ray gives her Damien’s timestone, which will probably allow her to escape at some point. Ray’s logic is that Nora was never an evil person, it was just the environments she was in that made her that way. Whether he’s right or not is something that will probably be left to fan interpretation. Ava also makes an exit of sorts, but this one we know definitively is temporary. She and Sara end things in a somewhat good place and with plans to catch up.

It wouldn’t be a finale without a surprise appearance and we get two in the form of Gary dressed up as Constantine and of course the man himself, Constantine! He knows the Legends freed Mallus from his time prison, which the Legends are quick to blame Sara for. He informs them bigger threats are now on the horizon, and that’s our cliffhanger to take us into the 4th season.

Overall, season 3 has cemented Legends of Tomorrow as the best Arrow verse show. It never takes itself too seriously, has an abundance of humor, great characters and stories. The show lost its way a little at times this year with a bit of filler and focus on characters that just don’t work in an A storyline. Nevertheless the show still delivered a brilliant finale, and some truly outstanding episodes.

Hopefully the door has been closed on the Damien storyline for good. He and Sara made their peace of sorts this season, providing both characters with a closure of sorts over Laurel’s death. Nora is of course still in the wings and may make future appearances, but for now I think it’s best to give the character a rest. It’ll be interesting to see what character Maisie is playing next year (fan theories are already abound) how Nate copes with her departure, and hopefully more of Nate sharing screen time with Wally & Zari because they do bring out the best in his character. Mick is also someone that has grown on me tremendously this year, and I can only hope rumours of his departure are just that. Whilst I’m extremely excited that Ava & Constantine are regulars next season, I’m also extremely intrigued to see just how they fit in the Legends verse on a permanent basis. Will Ava & Sara’s relationship work out? Will we continue to see Ava’s journey in finding herself in the aftermath of the clone revelation? Will Constantine prove to be more than a one-trick pony?

These are all questions to ponder over the long break for season 4, with Supergirl now reclaiming its Monday night slot.