Friday, 13 April 2018

James Gilroy Kane Releases His New Album "AMFIMINAL

James would describe himself as a Lyricist.Musician. Singer, in that order. One time he was a professional club, pub artist doing covers of country, pop,
Rock N Roll. etc for about 16yrs.

That way of earning a living almost broke his mind, he couldn't take it anymore. so he got out, put the work shovel down and went back to playing his acoustic guitar and writing his own music.

Then started recording the songs and poems he had written.

The first album to record was on Vinyl (no longer available) the second on CD. also (no longer available) well the recording was completed but the design wasn't.

Then CD three, four, & five made it out. No six will be on its way.

CD number four was heard by a professional musician in New York who invited James over to play some gigs, unfortunately, this clashed with previous arrangements so this had to be canceled.

James once played guitar in the orchestra for the stage version of The Sound Of Music. That was a great gig, I had to behave myself on that one!

At the end of the week's performance, we all had a ball, I sang all the way home. The hills came alive that night.

Bristol Free Festival.
James Gilroy Kane. A writer to watch out for.

This is earthy honest songwriting.

Tony Bates. Radio DJ. Australia.,
Behind The Blues. This Album is full of surprises.
A touch of Blues, Rock, Folk and deserves to be in your collection.
Highly recommended.

James is also writing a book, as along the way he has gathered some great stories and written poems and even a Play which is black comedy in the style of Mike Leigh.

James is a person who loves life, has a great sense of humor, his compassion and love of life comes through in his songs, I think you will agree he is a well-accomplished lyricist, and up there with the like's of JOHN PRINE, JOHNNY CASH, DAMIEN RICE, Rambling Jack Elliot, and of course every muso's hero Bob Dylan.

One last quote from James "Folk Rock never died, it just fell asleep for a time". JGK.