Friday, 20 April 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Words of Guidance"

Well that was a great way to close out the week!

Kate & Rana didn't dominate this episode as much, but that was to be completely expected given the kidnapping took up the bulk of Wednesday's screen time. Tonight was all about laying the seeds for the next part of the storyline.

Rana is still obviously in shock, trying to comprehend her parents actions. Even with Kate and Yasmeen there, she's very much feeling alone. She's insistent though that if her parents can't accept her for who she is, and more important who she loves, then she is better off without them. But they are still her parents and whilst Aidan might think that they need reporting to the police, it's obvious that isn't something on Rana's might right now and Kate doesn't want to push too much. Instead she's very much settled into protective Kate mode, and it is adorable.

She desperately wants to take away Rana's pain, but unfortunately the only people who can do that is her parents and that's not going to happen. Kate's at a loss for what she can do. It's never easy seeing someone you love suffering, especially when there's nothing at all that you can do to ease the pain.

Another person not very happy is Jenny, who was expecting to be living the high life in Spain by now. Instead she's saddled with Connor drama and Johnny's attempts to appease her may work for now, but it wouldn't surprise me if a break-up is on the cards at some point.

David is also continuing to suffer in silence. Sarah's moving out of the house and Gail & Audrey want him to react in some way, but David's too busy suffering from a hangover and later getting annoyed with new salon starter Emma. It's obvious to us viewers that he is in a great deal of pain, suffering in silence, and I honestly cannot wait for his family to discover the truth. It's unfortunately a heartbreaking situation that many do suffer in real life and Coronation Street are handling it brilliantly. He gets annoyed when Maria & Emma are looking at pictures of Josh on the phone, and Gary is once again on hand to stop David getting too far out of control which David doesn't appreciate and Sarah's soon intervening. His family fortunately are starting to pick up the crumbs that all is not well, even if Sarah is understandably misreading concern as excusing David's behaviour again.

Eileen is dealing with doors being left open and now a flat tyre, and it seems to be blatantly obvious that Phelan is behind it. To our great surprise, it's actually Seb's mum, though it probably won't be long until Phelan is back judging by Wednesday's episode. Seb's mum claims she's just here for her son which no-one at all believes, and she's forced to eventually admit she's actually homeless. When Eileen, Seb and Nicola attempt to kick her out convinced that Seb's mum is Eileen's stalker, she gives Eileen an absolutely brutal verbal dressing down.

Eileen also gets some unwanted attention in the shape of a selfie hunter who is told to get lost by Steve, and Alya watches the whole thing with a snide smile. She still obviously believes that Eileen knew all about Phelan's murderous ways and as a result, Luke's death and isn't going to be forgiving anytime soon. Another person who isn't forgiving anytime soon is Michelle. Whilst Robert may have won her over with the promise of giving up steroids, Carla is very much still on the naughty step. She thinks that telling Michelle she's finished it with Ali is enough to save their friendship, and she's massively underestimating the situation. This isn't a question of sleeping with someone your best friend and cousin likes, it's sleeping with their son! Michelle has every right to be angry with Carla, but to rub the wound in just that bit deeper, she informs Carla she's no longer invited to the wedding. Carla's face is basically me watching this all unfold.

Sophie is also back tonight, and just in time to find out all about Kate & Rana's relationship from Zeedan of all people. It's kind of an accidental finding out, with Sophie coming across a conversation between Zeedan and a concerned Aidan, but this is Zeedan. He doesn't care about anyone but himself, and wants everyone to feel the same hurt that he does, so of course he just drops the bomb without a second thought or consideration to Sophie's devastation. Never nice to know the person you were seeing however briefly was never actually into you (though being fair to Kate there were enough hints).

Tonights episode also gave us one of the first looks at the new Coronation Street set as Eileen and Seb's mum shared a heart to heart in the new park. Eileen is obviously full of regret for what Phelan's done, and doesn't need anyone's help in giving her a hard time since she's very much blaming herself. But surprisingly Seb's mum has some good words of advice for her, and hopefully this will mark a turning point. At least until Phelan comes back again.

And because Coronation Street is the soap that keeps on giving, we get Sophie walking in on Rana and Kate sat in the pub. She's upset and walks out, Aidan's upset on her behalf and soon told where to go by Kate. Her somewhat harsh reaction towards Aidan may come back to haunt her if spoilers are correct. But seeing Kate & Rana in the pub? Saying they love each other and just being (or at least trying to) the couple that they are? It's beautiful and we can only hope more of this is to come.