Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Scooby-Gang To The Rescue"

Well after 'Oblivious Rana' was ended on Monday, tonight gave us the first taste of 'Mightily Pissed Alya'. Her anger is completely understandable given everyone around her has been lying to her for months. Added to that is the fact her friend has been cheating on her brother with her other friend and flatmate, and I'd actually be surprised if Alya wasn't on the warpath.

She storms into the Nazir's house with more sympathy for Zeedan, more anger at Rana and being completely done with all of their behvaiour, Yasmeen orders them all to quiet down. Unfortunately Alya takes that order as Yasmeen siding with Rana, and she's soon off to the factory where she finds Kate with her family. After a bit of back and forth, Alya gives Kate the ultimatum of moving out or she moves out, and deciding to take a day off work.

As if all that wasn't enough Zeedan has his own issues. With the affair outed the investment in his restuarant has gone, and Rana & Imran are trying to make sure that doesn't happen. Rana is also pretty desperate to make amends with her parents, and her mother takes full advantage of that, lying about a dying sister and manipulating Rana into accompanying her to Pakistan. The whole thing is obviously a rouse to get rid of Rana, with her parents believing if they can just get her away from Kate, she'll soon forget about her and the shame will be behind them all.

That's very much not the case. Whilst Kate confesses some fears to Johnny over Rana and her parents, her father reassures her and the show delves a little into the history of Kate coming out. She didn't go through anywhere as difficult a time as Rana is, but it did take Johnny a bit of time to get his head around it, and he's sure with time Rana's parents will to and they'll all move on to a new beginning. This is a soap so you know that's not going to happen at all.

After Rana & Kate say goodbye to each other, Rana heads off with her mother to the house and whilst Rana is busy with the bags, her mum tampers with her phone. As her father watches from the upstairs window it's becoming ever obvious who the actual instigator of all of this is. Yasmeen checks in with Imran who after some hesitation reaches out to his family and discovers that his Aunt is in fact not ill. It's then a race against time to stop Rana being shipped off for good.

The Scooby-Gang are off in the car where Imran tries to talk to his father, but he refuses to let him in the house. Kate rather hilariously attempts to sneak round back. Kate and Zeedan have a disagreement which leads to Kate launching her own mission to rescue Rana, and it's a good job she does seperate from the gang as Saira is using a different car to take Rana to the airport.

The actual kidnap confrontation is probably the weakest aspect of this whole storyline. It's over and done within a matter of seconds really, with Zeedan following Kate's lead in confronting Rana's parents, Rana eventually getting free of the car once she realizes the truth and Imran disowning his parents. Making their way back to the Nazir's everyone is in shock, Rana's still blaming herself and Imran points out their parents can't keep treating them like they're not adults. For Rana the early optimism has completely evaporated. Whilst Kate tries to reassure her that she would've found her and it is a sweet gesture, Rana is very much feeling the gravity of what her parents attempted to do. It's very much the end of one road and the fallout is to be continued.

Away from the Kana drama, there's a fair bit of drama with Carla/Michelle. Her son Ali is basically stalking Carla's phone, refusing to accept their relationship is over all the whilst Carla is stalking Michelle's phone, refusing to accept their friendship is over. She's also deeply worried with Roberts steroid abuse that he might possibly be lashing out at Michelle. When Ali does eventually catch up with Carla, she again tells him she wants to cool things, but unfortunately for her, Michelle sees the two of them hugging and once again hits red. Carla then accidentally blurts out Roberts steroid abuse, which Michelle isn't willing to listen to and this is another situation you just know isn't going to end well.

Michelle confronts Robert and is soon drowning her sorrows with Maria, who questions why exactly Michelle is more angry with Carla than Robert and Michelle's forced to admit that having a go at her best friend for sleeping with her son? Heck of a lot easier than dealing with a steroid addiction. Michelle & Maria are soon questioning Carla over Robert, but she's got no answers and Maria pointedly makes sure Carla knows that Michelle doesn't need her support.

Whilst Michelle has some tough decisions to make, Carla's got one of her own to do as she cools things off with Ali for good not willing to hurt her best friend to be with him. It's unfortunately a gesture that might be too late. Michelle is sticking by Roberts side for now, but it's clear there's a long road ahead.

Elsewhere in the episode, Phelan made another cameo! Eileen's been talked into helping with Anna's appeal, and makes her way out of the house for the first time in what feels like forever to make a passionate speech. And in other relationship drama, after Sinead complains about there being no room in the flat, Daniel asks her to move in with him and is flat out rejected.