Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Oblivious Ayla No More"

Well, it's fair to say last nights Coronation Street was an absolute cracker. We may have lost 'Oblivious Alya' but as a result we got one of the funniest accidental outings you're likely to see in Soap for a while, and of course loads of heartbreak.

The main storyline of last night and of course this week is Rana & her relationship with Kate. Thanks to Zeedan keeping Kate at arms length, lying about it and being frustrated by how little she's been able to see her girlfriend, Kate had Zeedan off and away to Cumbria to fetch a dishwasher. An additional assist here is going to an oblivious Robert, who innocently mentioned the dishwasher in conversation, and Kate's eyes just lit up.

With Zeedan away from the house, Kate hilarious snuck in through the orangery which Rana found just as humorous as us viewers. As the two were getting reaquainted, Zeedan was soon calling much to Kate's discontent but that was soon all forgotten as the two decided to have a little 'chill time'. Unfortunately, said chill time came on the sofa since Rana is still unwell, and even more unfortunately Alya walked in on the scene with Rana's parents.

It's long been a joke about just how oblivious Alya has been to Rana & Kate's relationship, so it seems fitting that she would have to literally walk in on them between a duvet to fully comprehend just what exactly was going on. Alya was soon on the defense, lambasting Kate & Rana for cheating on her brother, and her anger grew even further when Rana's parents let slip they already knew. Her father rather derogatorily referred to Kate as 'that girl' which didn't please her one iota but she was soon marching out of the house.

As Alya left to go and inform Zeedan of events, a devastated Rana was left to deal with her parents. To say they weren't happy would be a massive understatement but it's all leading up to tomorrow's big episode. We did though after all of this get a lovely scene between Rana and Yasmeen, where Rana wished that Yasmeen had been her mother instead. Given how supportive Yasmeen has been of her, it was a rather beautiful but ever so sad sentiment.

Ever since Zeedan first angrily outed Rana's affair to her parents, you just knew this wouldn't end well. For different reasons Rana & Zeedan have both been kidding themselves & those in the know around them that they could make this situation work. From his previous conversation with Kate, it's quite obvious that Zeedan isn't holding onto his marriage for the money but because he still loves Rana. That's been even more obvious with his attempts to keep Kate at bay, eying every conversation he witnesses between the two ladies with rabid eyes, and spoilers next week suggest his behavior will only get worse. Alya was thankfully just as disgusted with Zeedan for agreeing to a sham marriage for financial gain, as she was with Rana for cheating and lying to her. Hopefully down the line their friendship can be rekindled, but that seems a long way away.

In the pub Jenny got the honour of accidentally outing the relationship to the street. Kate ran in upset and straight to Johnny's arms, they're trying to have a nice quiet conversation, and of course a drunken Jenny has to start talking about Rana being a lesbian with Kate. The fact that Jenny answered back with it being the 21st Centure and you're allowed to say the word lesbian now when Johnny urged her to quiet down was hilarious. As was Beth's less than subtle attempts at overhearing the conversation. Not hilarious of course was Alya coming into the pub to once again confront Kate and of course Zeedan walking in, and having to deal with the realization that everyone now knows.

Elsewhere Carla & Michell's friendship is very much shattered. Michelle stumbled across Carla kissing Ali in the corridor, and was disgusted that her best friend would betray her in such a manner. It got even worse when she realized her best friend had slept with her son. Carla tried to explain herself but added insult to injury by pointing out Michelle hadn't brought Ali up as her son. She immediately realized she'd made a massive mistake, but that wasn't enough by Michelle who ordered her to get out.

By the episodes end, Michelle was crying into Roberts arms over the betrayal whilst Carla had ended her fling with an extremely unhappy Ali. Somewhat showing his true colors, he accused Carla of being scared and failed to understand why her friendship with Michelle would mean more to her than the fling with him. It was previously teased when Alison King first returned to Coronation Street that Carla & Michelle would be falling out, and we're now seeing the fruits of that. It'll be interesting to see how and if their friendship is able to be rekindled at some point.

Also on tonights episode Toyah took responsibility for the money going missing & visited Eva for a heart to hear that left them both with food for thought, Eileen is still hiding in the house refusing to face anyone in the aftermath of Phelan's murderous ways being revealed, and Daniel paid her a visit to inform her Vinny's mum is being chucked out of her nursing home as a consequence of Phelan's actions, as if Eileen couldn't feel anymore terrible than she already does.