Monday, 23 April 2018

Coronation Street Review: "The Next Steps"

Well Coronation Street dug straight into it this week. Considering it is only Monday I was expecting a gentle introduction to the week after last weeks drama but nope! First scene of the night has Kate & Alya arguing, and leads to Kate suggesting Alya move out so that Rana can move in.

However Rana is understandably considering everything she's just been through not ready to take that step just yet, and actually questions why Kate didn't consult her before throwing the idea out there. Kate points out it was a spare of the moment thing, and the conversation is soon interrupted by Zeedan's financial woes. If Kate wasn't already irked by his presence interrupting their chat, then Rana jumping to help Zeedan and going off with him is enough to leave her with a face of thunder. It's obvious that Rana's concern for Zeedan is that of guilt; her parents have withdrawn financial support as a result of walking in on her & Kate. But as is the way with soaps, that isn't communicated so Kate is going to feel unintentionally sidelined.

Thankfully though that is resolved as they have drinks in the Rovers with Imran. Rana is still a bit down over what's happened with Zeedan and Kate is once again pushing for her to move in. As Imran makes himself scarce, Rana is forced to admit she's just not ready to move in yet. She explains Kate is the only good thing she has in her life and she doesn't want to ruin that, and the two are soon proclaiming they have the rest of their lives for these domestic arguments. At this point I am basically goo because these two are wayyyy too adorable for their own good.

Whilst Kate is having lunch with her family, Rana & Zeedan are seeking Imran out for advice but unfortunately their parents withdrawing funds is perfectly legal. While Zeedan is left to ponder what could've been, Rana is wondering if there's any other way they can get finance for the restaurant, and Imran is resolute that he is truly done with their parents.

Alya obviously isn't happy with this and complains to Zeedan expecting him to put up some kind of resistance but he doesn't care and that just irks Alya even more. She's also having a bad day at the office with Summer showing her up at Underworld. She later goes on to complain to Josh, who thinks she just needs to show that she's better than Summer. It'd be good, friendly advice if he wasn't a rapist. Thankfully Alya has enough common sense to make her peace with young Summer & they're soon making a pitch to Aidan and Carla which goes down a storm.

With so much going on last week there wasn't room to fit in a shout-out to Moira, so I must correct that error today. She doesn't get a lot of screen time but with what she does have she is hilarious as always. Be it making jokes about Rana's kidnap that I shouldn't find as funny as I did, and then trying to encourage Liz to get with Johnny despite him being married.

David is continuing to struggle and reacting badly to the kids so much as mentioning Shona. Gary thinks that he's got David's anger worked out, and that it's just delayed grief over Kylie's death, but unfortunately as we know that couldn't be further from the truth. It is a positive sign though that others around him are clued into the fact there is obviously something going on with him, and hopefully sooner rather than later the truth will out.

Deciding that David needs more than gentle persuasion, Maria attempts to have it out with him and convince him to get back with Shona. We can see that David is feeling pegged into a corner, desperately wanting to admit what's really up with him but he just can't and instead he makes a move on Maria. She's just as shocked as we are by it, especially with David's comments afterwards.

Maria is soon in the Bistro spilling all to Michelle, whilst David is taking Emma home with him. Maria isn't at all impressed to stop by the Platt's and find Emma with David. After some more harsh words Maria storms out of the house and urges Shona to forget all about David, and he's watching the proceedings extremely glumly. He then follows up by asking Emma to move in with him. It's a rush of judgement that Emma is obviously not completely keen on but goes with the flow.

Elsewhere Billy returned to the street following his recent stint in rehab. Summer is happy enough to see him, but very much preoccupied with her & Alya's Underworld pitch, and Billy is left to go home alone. Nicola also discovers that Eileen's spare key is missing when she's accidentally locked out of the house.