Monday, 30 April 2018

Coronation Street Review: "Here's Toyah!"

So tonight's episode started out with pet talk. Kirk and Ken were both off to walk their dogs and Ken is reminding us Eckles is supposed to be a family dog. Simon and his new friend also decided to take Toyah's car for a joy ride, since she was preoccupied with baby crib making. And we get Yasmeen in the cafe informing us of pains chicken feel before they become food.

Toyah is busy packing up stuff to take to Eva in the cottage, and Toyah's search for her car keys soon leads her to Simon's joyride antics. She covers up for him but Leanne is very much suspicious knowing that something is going on.

We're also treated to Zeedan gushing over restaurant reviews, Kate very much being the bigger person and apologizing for trouble caused, and Zeedan being his smug old self phishing to find out whether Rana revealed all about their 'kiss'. With Kate still in the dark, Zeedan is very much a happy man. Yasmeen meanwhile is after Imran's legal advice, wondering whether Sally's court summons is legal. Whoever knew birds could cause so much trouble! Yasmeen might be having legal troubles but her love life is very much looking at, with Hospital Radio Present Geoff asking her out for a date. After talking with Rita, she is reconsidering her rejecting of the date but worried about smelling of chips. Never let it be said Corrie doesn't cover the real issues!

Rana is glad that everything is sorted out with Kate, but still hoping she can eventually sort things with her parents and Yasmeen is as always on hand with good advice and a free roll. A few things to pick apart from this scene though. 1) Zeedan has been texting Rana and she stills seems completely oblivious as to what that kiss meant for him and 2) Being concerned for your girlfriend's safety isn't over-reacting. The whole aftermath of the kidnap and its effects on Rana do seem to be glossed over by Coronation Street, so that Zeedan drama can instead be pursued and it's a shame. Also going to note Zeedan claiming Kate to be out of order for something he himself wanted to do, is an extremely douchey move and it's blatantly obvious he's only saying that to back Rana's corner in his attempts to worm his way back into her life romantically.

When Rana and Kate do meet at the bistro and Kate informs Rana of Zeedan's slightly weird comment earlier, Rana is forced to admit Zeedan kissed her. She admits she didn't pull away because she didn't want to hurt his feelings, which is as good a job at rectifying Friday's horror show as we're going to get, but the whole situation is extremely problematic.

First things first let me just repeat; Friday's episode was terrible. I don't usually like to call out a writer because I know how hard it is, but David Isaac did a terrible job in bringing that script altogether. The scenes in the kitchen were beyond cringey, and the director is also at fault because whatever that kiss was supposed to portray did not get across. Secondly, this is all happening to begin the Zeedan stalking storyline and thirdly, I have been watching soaps long enough to know characters will occasionally do strange things for the sake of the story. I full accept this, and roll my eyes in disbelief at fiction.

However a woman should never feel as if they have to accept a guy's advances for the sake of being nice. No-one should period, but this is something women tend to do far more than men. Constantly reiterating that she just wants Zeedan to be happy is robbing Rana of her urgency. His anger in outing her to her parents was understandable but his actions since then haven't been. He agreed to the contract so he could gain financially. He is now only being nice to her because he thinks there's something in it for her. Let us not forget the second he saw a sign of trouble between Kate/Rana on Friday he was delighted, and is now busy buying flowers for her despite Kate saying everything between her and Rana is now good. Because she obviously doesn't see Zeedan as a threat, Kate is extremely diplomatic and just thinks the law needs to be laid down. But considering on Friday Rana was going on about Kate not being truthful with her, Kate asked if anything had happened and Rana lied, plus she'd previously warned Rana about Zeedan, she would've been fully entitled to have more of a reaction and this whole business for the sake of beginning another storyline has been handled extremely poorly.

When Rana does attempt to speak to Zeedan, they are of course interrupted. He does though get to say her reaction wasn't exactly what he was expecting, and at this point she could have 'I'M JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU' tattooed on her head and Zeedan still wouldn't get it. Which is very much in character for Zeedan, since he's not that great at computing no but very great at misinterpreting signs of affection. And Rana really isn't helping herself when she admits she didn't get a chance to talk to Zeedan, but lies about who the flowers are from when Kate quizzes her. Rana knows she's lying and from the look on her face she feels bad, and is just trying to keep the peace, but this situation isn't going to go well for her but I can kinda see what Coronation Street are doing story wise.

Thanks to the interruption Rana is unable to tell Zeedan she doesn't love him anymore, which obviously leads him with the misguided belief she's accepted the flowers because she still has feelings for him, and Kate is none the wiser for now which Zeedan will obviously take advantage of at some point, and Rana probably thinks if she can keep both sides in the dark, then everyone can be happy and no more drama.

There isn't too much time to dwell on this though as at the cottage, Eva has an emergency. It wouldn't be a soap without a character getting trapped in the bathroom and going into labour. Toyah is still only just making her way to the cottage and Eva doesn't have her phone, so you know this isn't going to be a smooth-sailing labour.

And because Corrie doesn't have enough drama going on, Geoff turns up at the bistro for his date with Yasmeen and is intercepted by Rita and Audrey, who also has the hots for him. Yasmeen and Geoff do get their semi date which Yasmeen later walks out on, and Audrey is full of apologies and sending Geoff off after Yasmeen. Sally is also on hand to point out food safety hazards when Leanne lets slip she warmed up food whilst changing a nappy. This of course leads into Peter and Leanne discussing Simon's behaviour, and Leanne's very much picked up on something going on with Toyah and Simon. She eventually attempts talking to Simon, believing his behaviour is that of a person dealing with a new arrival to the family.

Toyah does eventually arrive at the cottage where Eva is very much in the process of giving birth. Toyah does thankfully have some training in childbirth, which is good since both of their phones are basically out of action. Toyah manages to break down the bathroom door, and I love that the writer gives a shoutout to 'The Shining' here. Toyah with the help of an NHS call operator is walking Eva through giving birth. Without any drugs it's an extremely painful experience for Eva. Whilst she does manage to give birth, the baby faces some complications before finally managing to cry. Toyah and Eva do make it to the hospital where Eva is able to get her precious morphine, and Toyah begins to bond with the baby. Eva however points out Toyah can't take her home straight away as it won't fit with their story, and is extremely reluctant at the thought of spending time with her daughter, knowing the dangers of bonding.

Peter meanwhile is wondering what exactly Toyah's friend is called, and wanting to put the cot together as a surprise for Toyah. When she arrives back at the Rovers there is obvious tension and it's clear on both fronts that the reality of the baby situation is hitting home.