Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Coronation Street Review: "A Helping Hand"

Tonights episodes kicked off where Monday left off, with David stunning the Platt's with the announcement that new girlfriend Emma is moving in. Understandably no-one is happy with this and it is blatantly obvious that David is doing this for the sake of it. Gail attempts to reason with him by claiming he can't just move any old girlfriend into the house as it confuses the kids, but David is far and beyond listening to reason at the moment.

Emma is later grilling David over his previous relationship and considering how he's gushing about Shona, alarm bells should be ringing for Emma. The rest of the Platt's can sense this relationship is a disaster in the making and are basically counting down the days until Emma is on her way back out.

Still feeling bad over here parents pulling out of Zeedan's new business, Rana was offering up the possibility of taking a loan out herself, before eventually asking Imran if he'd be able to help. Not that it should bear repeating but I will anyway; it is beyond obvious Rana is only trying to help because she feels guilty.

Relationship wise things are continuing to bloom for Rana & Kate. They're having lunch with Johnny & Jenny (who surprisingly bows to Kate's wishes by being on her best behavior) they're completely and utterly adorable and as is the way with Soap-land, trouble is lurking around the corner.

As seen in the preview, Kate, Rana, Johnny & Jenny's lunch conversation soon turns to family. Johnny admits he's scared of leaving his family when he moves to Spain and Rana can't help thinking about her own. The Connor's taking her in as one of their own is lovely, but it's not going to stop her missing her parents or wishing things were different on that front. And of course Imran filling Zeedan in on Rana's faith in his business is likely to fuel his misguided beliefs that her feelings for him are more than friendship/guilt.

Zeedan is soon informing Alya & Yasmeen of Imran's investment and Alya of course reacts badly. Yasmeen is delighted to see Zeedan looking so happy, but Alya can't help still being slightly concerned as it is all hands on deck to get the restaurant ready for its opening. Zeedan is soon in the pub asking Leanne for help, Kate is soon getting annoyed that Imran has invested in Zeedan's business and Rana is soon confessing to her brother that she's considered calling their parents.

All of which are completely understandable human reactions. Imran is right that it is too soon and to raw to even contemplate talking to their parents, but it is natural for a child to miss their parents no matter what terrible things they've done. Kate is right to be slightly concerned about Imran's investment and is soon confiding in the Connor's. Carla agrees with her that Imran's investment is weird, but Aidan advises her to keep completely out of it. Again understandable reactions and it's not long before the subject of Rana's parents is once again brought up. Aidan and Carla are immediately alarmed by the thought of Rana contemplating talking to her parents, whilst Kate is trying for the moment to be more grounded and understanding of the situation.

Alya isn't able to hold her tongue for long though and perhaps ominously, is later warning Yasmeen that this situation won't end well. It's hard to argue she doesn't have a point considering Imran is Rana's brother and she is with Kate now, but her sense of family loyal is completely ignoring the fact that Zeedan has known about their affair for months and was willing to stay in a marriage for money. He's hardly the wounded party in all this, or the one who was very nearly carted off to Pakistan.

There are also more hints as to what exactly is in store for Aidan with both Kate & Carla commenting on how sensitive he has become lately. If the rumours are true (and that's looking more and more likely) I'm truly not ready for what's to come. It also looks as though the look Zeedan gave Rana in the pub hasn't gone unnoticed by Kate, as she's later warning Rana to be wary of her ex's intentions. Rana takes this rather badly with pent up anger over her parents coming out, and questioning how many more people she has to lose so she and Kate can be together. But the reason why so many of us love Kate/Rana is because misunderstandings are easily sorted. Rana explains that considering she has just lost her parents, she doesn't want to lose Zeedan's friendship as well, and is feeling extremely lost at the moment. And of course Kate is once again jumping to support her by reassuring Rana that she is there for her, but echoing everyone else's sentiments in trying to ease her away from the cliffs-edge that is her parents.

They're not the only ones dealing with trouble though as Billy's come back from rehab to face it in bundles. He's months behind on his rent, job hopes aren't exactly prosperous and Tracy is his landlord. Soon Billy is scraping the bottom of the barrel and asking Adam Barlow of all people for help, whilst Liz accidentally fills Tracy in on the full details of Billy's time away due to concerns over Amy having a sleepover with Summer. The result of that is Billy facing eviction. Tracey's attitude is harsh, but people do react like this in real life so I'm not going to judge her too much.

Tracy is soon blasting Billy in the middle of the street and Adam of all people is defending him, while Summer can only look on. Adam and Shona are later appealing to Tracy on Summer's behalf and Shona is soon offering to be Billy's guarantor. Tracy is of course reluctant but they quickly regain the upper hand by blackmailing her over her keeping of the books. That may have kept a roof over Billy's head but Summer isn't as easy to win over as all the drama begins to grate on her.

She's not the only one.