Wednesday, 11 April 2018

British Rock Group Space Elevator to Play Their First Ever Gig on the Edge Of Space + Single & Album Details

‘We Can Fly’

Taken from the album ‘Space Elevator II’ – 25th May release

A British rock band has been given the go-ahead to play a live concert in space, 20kms up in the air.

Space Elevator, the four-piece band from London has collaborated with Canadian space tech company, Thoth Technology, to help promote the development of a unique $5billion Space Tower.


Reaching 20kms into the sky, The ThothX Tower will have a base at the top with an air-strip, allowing space craft to take off and land using a fraction of the energy needed at ground level. There will also be hotels, restaurants and venues for music, film and theatre.

Access to the top of the tower will be facilitated by an innovative new ‘space elevator’, which will wrap around the 230m diameter tower and have a carrying capacity of up to 10 tonnes in each car.

That will be enough to transport drums, guitars and amps up to the space concert!


David Young, Space Elevator’s lead guitarist and co songwriter explained how the space-rock partnership came about:

“I happened to hear a radio interview about an amazing 20km space tower that would feature a new space elevator. I emailed the inventor of the ThothX Tower and amazingly he got back to me within 24 hours. The band has always been influenced by big thinking flamboyant live artists such as Queen, Kiss and Pink, so being involved with something of this magnitude was a perfect fit for us.”

The Thoth scientist, Professor Brendan Quine and CEO Caroline Roberts, quickly progressed the partnership and flew to the UK to meet with David and flamboyant lead singer “The Duchess”.

“I was expecting our first meeting to be in a high-tech laboratory or something’ said Young, ‘but instead we went to the pub! Despite being world-leading space scientists, the Professor and his partner are both very down to earth. They are both massive music fans – and British – and they loved the band and the idea of partnering with a theatrical, larger than life rock group to help raise awareness for the project.”


Having had a track from their first album adopted by Thoth to promote their space elevator, the band was invited to shoot their next video at Thoth’s renowned facility in Ontario, Canada.

“It’s been a spaced-out year” said Young, “we flew out to Thoth’s headquarters in Canada to film the video for our next single ” We Can Fly” on top of one of the largest satellite dishes in the world. That involved The Duchess singing 150 feet up in the air with all our gear having to be winched onto the dish.

That experience was mad enough…. now we’re looking forward to going stratospheric!”

Space Elevator’s new single ‘We Can Fly’ is released on 11th May, 2018.

Space Elevator will release their album ‘Space Elevator II’ on 25th May, 2017

Space Elevator will tour the UK in May 2018.


May 17th The Diamond, Sutton In Ashfield Notts NG17 4GH
May 18th The Dreadnought Kings St, Bathgate EH48 1EX ( Scotland )
May 19th The Old Courts Theatre, Wigna, Lancs WN1 1NA
May 20th Eleven, Stoke on Trent, Staffs ST6 5PD
May 24th South Bucks University, High Wycombe, Bucks,HP11 2JZ
May 25th The Hammersmith Club, London W6 9DH (Album Launch show)
May 31st The Bullingdon, 162 Cowley Road, Oxford OX4 1UE
June 15th Leos Red Lion, Gravesend, Kent DA11 9AA
July 29th Cambridge Rock Festival