Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Alasca Releases New Single 'Plea For Peace' on 27th April

might well be one of the Netherlands’ best kept secrets. Think of an Amsterdam-based Big Star or Arthur Lee’s Love hidden, unknown like some treasure to be discovered and cherished ten to twenty years from now. But why wait that long? With its third album “Plea for Peace” the band delivers 12 instant playlist classics that combine 60’s pop elements with a straightforward 90’s attitude in a highly topical approach. Whether the band actually achieves its goal of making one of the snappiest indie records of the 2010’s is yet to be seen, but it is definitively a memorable endeavor.

AlascA’s songwriter and frontman Frank Bond has also played many solo shows, among other things, as a support for SinĂ©ad O’ Connor at the Sage, Gateshead, as a support act for The Young Folk and Folk Road Show on tours in the Netherlands and more recently Frank toured in Portugal.

Frank studied English Literature and Literary Sciences at the University of Amsterdam, obtaining his Master of Arts Degree in 2009. His MA thesis “Bob Dylan Lyrics versus the Academics” was groundbreaking on two levels: it argued for the possibility of song lyrics as a subject of academic research and presented a method to set up this field of study. After Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature in 2016, Frank’s thesis has become even more relevant and Frank is still regularly contacted by students, academics and professors from all over the world in this respect.


Bob Harris (BBC 2)

Steve Bennett (Acoustic Magazine)
"Imagine discovering a lost Arthur Lee classic from 1967. This comes close to that.”

Chris Hawkings (BBC Radio 6)
"Joyous positive nu-folk”

De Volkskrant
“There should no longer be any doubt whatsoever. AlascA makes albums of great significance"

“Pure Magic!”
Jan Akkerman (Focus)