Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Abraham's Child Release 'Hope' and 'But I Won’t Back Down' From New Their New Album “Remember”

Abrahams Child was founded by singer & songwriter Karl Pfeifer out of Austria in 2014, mainly to bring forth compositions and songs that he has written over a time of almost 20 years.

As a former atheist, the overwhelming experience of the existence of God transformed Karl’s life in a very positive way and led to a new lifestyle in the light of a greater goal which is to honor God alone and aim for heaven.

This album is being recorded at ambient studio in Mils in the heart of the Tyrolean mountains, with Manuel Stix performing as an outstanding musician/composer/producer and meanwhile has become a dear friend of Karl.

“The vision of Abraham's Child is to remember the listening audience that there is somebody out there waiting for you, who wants to see you happy and fulfilled, leading a life that is worth living for. Our goal is to introduce you to the living God who will make your life abundant and richer than you ever dreamed of.”

The music of Abraham's Child could be considered as Singer Songwriter as well as contemporary Christian music - but then again it differs from other worship and spiritual music that we know and hear of.

Most songs are filled with a soothing touch of hope and somehow eternal outlook that most of us are longing for when the big questions of life arise.

Abraham's Child is pretty unique when it comes to being recognized, mainly because of the voice of their lead singer Karl Pfeifer as well as their rather minimalistic instrumental setup mainly focusing on capturing the essence of whatever needs to be expressed.

In the fall of 2017, Abrahams Child´s first independent studio album “Remember” was launched and tracks will be released throughout 2018.

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