Tuesday, 24 April 2018

The 100 Episode 5x01 Eden Posters, Inside The Episode, Sneak Peeks, Opening Credits, Interviews, Promotional Photos, Press Release + Promos

Marie Avgeropoulos Interview

Inside The Episode

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New Clarke Poster

Lindsey Morgan Interview

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Eliza Taylor Interview

Season 5 Opening Credits

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Premiere Press Release

In the fifth season premiere, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) struggles to survive on a desolate, scorched earth while her friends in space come across a long-awaited beacon of hope. Bob Morley, Paige Turco, Henry Ian Cusick, Marie Avgeropoulos, Lindsey Morgan, Richard Harmon, Chris Larkin and Tasya Teles also star. Dean White directed the episode written by Jason Rothenberg (#501). Original airdate 4/24/2018.


New Screenshots From Wondercon

Jason Rothenberg shared these screenshots on Twitter, for those unable to attend the convention.

New Promo - Survivors

New Promotional Photo of Octavia

New Trailer - Serpents

The CW released another new trailer to promote The 100's upcoming 5th season last night. Called 'Serpents' the trailer doesn't contain any new or old footage from the show, instead it's a purely promotional trailer laying out the new seasons theme. Clarke, Bellamy, Raven & Octavia all appear, commenting on their back stories from when the show began to where they are now, the blood that has been shed, who they were, who they are now and the trailer again poses the question of whether there are any good guys.

After keeping fans on tetherhooks for months, FINALLY the trailer for The 100's upcoming 5th season has arrived. Spoiler alert? It's really bloody good! You can watch the trailer below & keep an eye on this post for updates on the new season.

The trailer starts by showing fans what the world looks like 6 years after the fourth season finale. For a quick recap, the entire group's been separated again and the show jumped forward into the future.

Most of the trailer is obviously focused on Clark. She's still stranded on Earth, trying via radio to reach Bellamy. She's joined by Madi, who is played by Shadowhunters Lona Flanery, a young girl Clarke's found on the ground after the rest of the group went back to space.

Aforementioned group is made up of Bellamy, Raven, and a large group of survivors who have been taken back to space via a ship and rejoined the original Ark ring. Monty's working hard to open communications to the ground so they can talk to Octavia, Clarke and whoever else is left on the planet.

Octaiva's struggling with her new life in the bunker. She's tasked with being a leader which doesn't exactly come naturally, though as we've learnt over the years she is more than capable.

This season, new threats will emerge, as Clarke needs to figure out what's wrong with the prisoners that have landed nearby, and continue to keep Madi safe in a dangerous world.

The 100 returns to The CW for Season 5 on April 24.