Friday, 16 March 2018

Stevie Burr New Single 'Got A Story'

Stevie Burr has the life experience of a man twice his age, putting his heart and soul into his music, he creates poignant music that delves deep into the realities of life. Got A Story is the debut single from Stevie, a gritty and determined indie rock tune that shows how tough life can be, but that there’s always something to live for.

Got A Story was recorded at Bounce Recording Studios in Melbourne and produced by Brendan Marolla and Lyndon Wesley. Music wasn’t an easy journey for Stevie, he left school at 13 and grew up in a home destroyed by drugs and violence, eventually living with his Grandparents. With a bit of guidance from his Pop he learnt the basics on guitar and practiced until his fingers bled, writing down all of the things he had gone through. After losing several people close to him when he was 25, Stevie’s life spiralled until he was lost and out of control. He started baring his heartache to his friends on social media, posting videos of his music and unexpectedly receiving huge amounts of positive feedback. Spurring him on to create more, music helped him turn his life around, working in a labouring job until he was able to save up enough money to record Got A Story.

Got A Story was written by Stevie when he was living on the floor of his uncles one bedroom public housing flat. Deeply depressed and thinking about his life, he grabbed his guitar and started playing chords with the idea of writing a track about a troubled man, the music and lyrics fell into place and Got A Story was conceived.

The track for Stevie is about how life was for him growing up and for others in similar situations that they can’t control. Stevie is an inspiration to his fans, showing that it’s never to late to have a dream, if you want something badly enough, just to go for it. With plenty of material and plans to release an album or two in the future, Stevie Burr is worth keeping an eye on.

For Fans Of: Future Theives | Andrew Bird | Rob Thomas

‘Got A Story’ will be in Digital Stores on the 16th of March.