Thursday, 22 March 2018

S.O.S and The Editor Release 'Bloodline' Remix

S.O.S and The Editor release: “BLOODLINE - THE EDITOR REMIX” Available as a free download from 3rd March 2018 and also on all streaming platforms.

Sophie Debattista is the talented 23 year-old singer-songwriter behind the creation of the up and coming pop act S.O.S . Born and raised on the Island of Malta, at just 18 years-old the songstress followed her British roots and her passion for music to the UK.

Whilst studying songwriting on a scholarship at The Institute Of Contemporary Music Performance in London, Sophie immersed herself into the world of music production which was key when writing and producing her new material as S.O.S . Sophie believes the exposure to such a variety of music and talent is what really helped her sound blossom into the unique blend of electronic pop it is today. S.O.S is a project self-funded by Sophie herself through busking on the TFL Network. The young artist is constantly inspired by outstanding women in the music industry and some of her top influencers are Rihanna, Lorde, Halsey, Anne Marie and Dua Lipa.

This new and exciting remix collaboration came about after S.O.S released her alluring electro-pop tune “Bloodline” last October which went down a storm with both the public and the media, receiving rave reviews:

"A strong and cool electro-pop masterpiece” A&R FACTORY

“A song with strong pop songwriting at its heart, made in a quirky cool style” EQ MUSIC BLOG,

“Bloodline really shows the creative genius behind this talented songwriter” FIERCE & FABULOUS REVOLUTION

Just after release, the quirky track caught the eye of the brilliant, international producer Vasil Ivanov (The Editor) who soon became the mastermind behind the official remix for the single. “Bloodline - The Editor Remix” is the perfect combination of contemporary electronic-dance beats, S.O.S’ s smooth pop vocals and cleverly thoughtprovoking lyrics. Although “Bloodline” has been given a total revamp, Sophie and Vasil have made sure the core message of the song still shines through.

S.O.S says; “The concept behind Bloodline stemmed from the notion that society tend to treat and think about people who don’t fall into the ‘norm’ category, differently. At times people are unintentionally made to feel like ‘outsiders’ but instead of fearing our differences, we should be encouraging unity by highlighting the similarities that bring us all together! I believe that the world’s differences in race, ability, gender and sexuality are what make us all uniquely individual and we shouldn’t punish anyone who doesn’t have our same beliefs. I know Bloodline - The Editor Remix will be released into a world that finds itself in some very unsettling times and so my intention is for it to be a reminder of the importance in showing love and compassion to the people around us and treating everyone equally.”

2018 is set to be a good year for S.O.S and The Editor as they’re already looking forward to their next project together! The duo are super excited about this collaboration and would be extremely appreciative to receive your backing of their track “Bloodline - The Editor Remix”.