Friday, 16 March 2018

New Music Friday

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat. And on New Music Friday, we're bringing you a select choice of the freshest tracks released this week.

In the great year of 20gayteen, we are well and truly blessed. It is completely and utterly impossible for Hayley Kiyoko to make a bad song and anticipation for her debut album Expectations couldn't be any higher. Thankfully it will very soon be upon us and in the mean time we can sink our teeth into teasers & singles. Let It Be has a very different style to it in comparison to a lot of songs Hayley has released. For a start it's a ballad, and a beautifully moody one at that. The chorus is an absolute work of art that I could (and probably will) listen to a billion times and never feel bored. The song in itself tells a story of heartbreak which is nothing new, but the way Hayley takes it on is. She's just got such a unique voice & unique sound, and it's just wonderful to listen to.

Prior to this popping up on the NMM list, have to admit I've never heard of Duke Dumont or Ebenezer before. I'll also admit that lyrically this song doesn't exactly wow me, but it's got really good music. Somewhat has a 70's disco vibe to it. The song hasn't escaped the comparisons to Calvin Harris, which I think is probably a bit harsh on Duke Dumont. Sure, it does in places sound a lot like Calvin's earlier work but unless I missed the memo he doesn't own the Pop/Dance genre. Even if Inhale doesn't have much depth, it should still sit nice and pretty on your weekend party playlist.

Having given her catalogue an extensive listen, Bea Miller has become one of my favorite new Artists. She can work the ballads, she can work the up tempo Pop numbers and the moody RNB. Now she's adding a Pop/Dance song to the collection. The song again isn't covering any fresh ground since heartbreak seems to be the trend in music at the moment, but the way she and NOTD go about I Wanna Know makes it feel different. Heartbreak songs are usually all about the devastation and grief caused by said termination of relationship, and I Wanna Know instead poses the question of whether the new love is any better than what was previously on offer. It's an interesting, refreshing take on the genre accompanied by pretty neat beats.

When you get a notification that Echosmith have a new song out, it feels incredibly rude not to click. Over My Head has a slightly different sound to it compared with previous songs, and I do say quite often that I like to see an Artists evolution which Echosmith are delivering here. Waxing lyricals over the production and musical values of a song is something you'd think I'd be bored of by now but nope! The chorus is hauntingly creepy (yes that is now a thing) with music that wouldn't look out of place in a horror film. Sydney's vocals echo over the chorus stunningly and the whole song is basically a work of art with great lyrics that don't feel generic or repetitive.

Finishing off this weeks #NewMusicFriday with one heck of a song. I've never hid my dislike of rap featuring on songs because in most cases it is extremely unnecessary, but here? I don't mind it at all. Yes is a comeback song of sorts for Louisa and damn how it packs that attitude! Sure the lyrics are a bit generic but when the music packs as much power as this song does? Lyrics can be as generic as they want basically. Louisa's had a bit of a strange career since winning the 'X Factor', but if Yes doesn't completely blow up the charts I will be extremely surprised.