Friday, 2 March 2018

New Music Friday

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat. And on New Music Friday, we're bringing you a select choice of the freshest tracks released this week.

In case you missed the announcement earlier this week Love Is Dead is available to pre-order now and you can also get tickets for their tour. Featuring Matt Berninger, 'My Enemy' is much more sombre in tone than 'Get Out'. The lyrics still pack quite the punch though and musically the song is beautiful. There's always a danger with collaborations that one Artist may overpower the other but here Lauren Mayberry is complimented quite wonderfully by Matt.

Taken from the Heavy Rules Mixtape which is out now, we've got another collaboration with two rising Artists in the music industry Alma & Tove Styrke. Their voices again compliment each other really well here, and compared to her duet with MØ that unfortunately goes nowhere 'Good Vibes' is a fab track with immense replay value.

There's no music video for this as of yet (if it even gets one) but I had to include this song in some form so a live performance will do. Put It On A T-shirt' is another top tune from The Vaccines. I love the way the chorus somewhat dips into itself and the song just has so much energy in it. In case I haven't said it before, I'm extremely glad they're back with a new album.

This is the first time I've listened to a song by MNEK and Tongue is pretty good. Through the verses you can just feel this song is building up to something special. Unfortunately that special is to an extent ruined by whatever is going on in the chorus. I'm not really a fan of mixing up singing with talk singing. It's not something that many Artists can pull off well. Having said that though, over multiple listens it becomes less annoying and a really neat, funky part of the song. The different vocals & musical values overlapping creates a particular type of atmosphere extremely difficult to put into words. Judging by the fact I added 'Tongues' to my playlist around 50 seconds in, that should give you an idea of how much I dig this song.

This lyric video is very trippy and somewhat matches the tone of Breadwinner. Everything Everything are another band I haven't heard of before, and whilst I wasn't exactly keen on this song at the beginning it has really grown on me. The music and lyric build together to produce a climax that is hauntingly beautiful, and I love the guitar riff that runs throughout.