Monday, 26 March 2018

Indifferent Matters Release Single 'Things I Wish You Said' From Debut Album "Restless Nights"

'Things I Wish You Said', the first single release from the debut album 'Restless Nights', a debut album of the band 'Indifferent Matters' lead by Liv Taylor, under the label Sweatshop Studios.

About The Song

"Musically it is on just as tantalizing ground as it builds on chilled and soulful minimalism, with chiming guitars and plaintive piano just guiding the words to their intended destination, before sullen brass edges in and sounds the changes. Beats build, a trumpet carries the main riff, banks of sumptuous harmonies add body and the song grooves and sashays towards its conclusion. Things I Wish You Said deftly splices ambient funk, alternative soulful rock, laid-back blues and an air of neo-hippyism to great effect, and why not, that isn't a blend you come across too often and they do it elegantly. If this song marks their first time around the musical block, I can't be the only one intrigued to hear what happens next!"

Liv Taylor Bio

'Things I Wish You Said', from the debut album 'Restless Nights', with her band 'Indifferent Matters' under the label Sweatshop Studios.
Developing an interest in music from the tender age of six, when her dad would play her songs by icons such as Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, and Billy Joel, Liv asked for a guitar when she was seven and started vocal lessons around the same time.

Inspired to begin writing music at the age of eight, when her father sadly passed away, Liv began by journaling her thoughts but soon found that her words were turning into lyrics in her notepads.

Real-life events are the inspiration behind all of her music and it is this reflecting on real life experiences and putting them to music that has become the norm for Liv, with her music becoming the artwork of her thoughts.

Liv's debut single 'Things I Wish You Said' exposes an emotional and painful time for the singer.

Drawing inspiration from artists such as Colbie Callait, Shawn Mendes, and Ed Sheeran, Liv believes in writing music that is personal, yet relatable.

With moving lyrics and an emotive melody, 'Things I Wish You Said' is sure to resonate with us all.