Tuesday, 13 March 2018

HERBIE Releases "Silver Surfer" Music Video

Herbert ”HERBIE” Crichlow is a four-time ASCAP-awarded British music producer and songwriter.

He is best known for his multi diamond, platinum and gold awarded works. He is also known for his penned collaborations with Max martin, RedOne, Grammy award winner David Franks and Denniz Pop.

HERBIE has crafted a string of hits for pop artists like Backstreet Boys, Robyn, Leila K, The Foo, Drain STH, Al Dimeola and Jessica Folcker, amongst others. His songs have been Grammy nominated 5 times.

His most recent single “The Rush” as HERBIE puts it’s, “dedicated to my beautiful and all the children from a father point of view”. Kind of like all the things I would have loved to have heard from my dad but never did… To live in the moment and above all else… never give up on your dreams… ever!”

You can now watch the music video for Silver Surfer, which features Maja, below!