Monday, 26 March 2018

Encoded Release New Single 'Our Faith Has Gone'

London's socially aware Encoded have just released their latest single 'Our Faith Has Gone' from their forthcoming EP "Psychosis", which is set for a May release. The video expresses the sentiment that the track talks about. Filmed in urban London and interspersed with newsreel footage, it highlights the real experiences that don't fall in line with the "everything is fine" mantra we are presented with. 'Our Faith Has Gone' is a declaration on the state of the world.

Vocalist Alex introduces the new track 'Our Faith Has Gone':

"The structure of our society is broken and disjointed. We are living in an age when a whole generation has lost all faith in the very system that governs the fabric of our culture.
The time is now, for rebellion, and awakening to the reality in which we have been dealt.
'Our Faith Has Gone' attempts to portray this predicament in the only way we know how."

Our Faith Has Gone is available from all good retailers and streaming services, check it out on:


Encoded have a couple of London shows this month, make sure you get to one of them if possible:

23rd March – Roadtrip & The Workshop, London (details)
27th April - Camden Rocks All-Nighter w/ Reigning Days (details)

About Encoded

When bands talk of going on a journey together, they normally mean hitting the road and having adventures in the back of a van, Encoded however, decided to remove as many barriers to their journey as possible. With 3 of the 4 band members all living together, a cultural mix that spans from Milton Keynes to Perth (Scotland), from Bournemouth to Poland breathes its way into their socially conscious musical narrative.

From their creative hotbed in South London, Encoded have crafted their new EP, entitled 'Psychosis', which is set for release this coming May.

The Encoded sound hears influences from a diverse mix, with the socially aggressive nature of Rage Against The Machine, combined with the artistic temperament of Muse, Encoded play music that sounds like it feels, raw and real.

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