Monday, 19 March 2018

Elemae Release New Single 'Hospitals & Mazes' from 'Fiction' EP

Elemae hail from various parts of New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania (US) and built their band based on their universal inspiration of music, and a friendship that kept them writing, rehearsing and recording together despite their non complimentary geo-graphic locations. They developed their own unique way of constructing cross-genre material, combining post-hard core with Brit rock and classic rock influences with a shoegaze twist.

Back in 2005 and progressing on from two album releases on the now defunct Embrace Records label, Elemae pushed their own musical boundaries to produce their 'Popular Misconceptions Of Happiness' LP. Tracks from the album were to feature on a diverse range of compilations, featuring along side the likes of The Strokes and Snapcase as well as placements on TV and a being selected for Metal Hammer Magazine's cover mount CD.

With various members moving into the new roles in emerging US rock/indie bands - Hidden Cabins, The World Concave and (Damn) This Desert Air - UK/US label Engineer Records has now released the re-mastered tracks from recordings 2008 to compile Elemae's 3 track 'Fiction EP'

Elemae feature Craig Cirinelli (Vox), Chris Homentosky (Guitar), Dan Nolan (Drums), Chris Smith (Guitar) and Mike Barbagallo (Bass). The band originally formed in 1999 and dis-banded in 2008. The re-union and reformation may well be on the cards following the release of their 'Fiction' EP out now.