Thursday, 3 May 2018

Deadpool 2 - Movie Post

Here you'll find all the latest official news in the build-up to the movies release on 1st June

3rd May 2018 - Celine Dion Releases 'Ashes' Music Video From Deadpool 2

Yes the above is a real sentence. No I am not in any way pranking you. Yes this may indeed be the most peculiar thing you laugh at this week and yes, the video contains footage from Deadpool 2.

19th April 2018 - Final Trailer

22nd March 2018 - New Trailer

7th February 2018 - Meet Cable Teaser

6th February 2018 - Teaser Poster

11th January 2018 - Release Fate Moved Up

In what is sure to be a treat for Deadpool fans, the highly-anticipated sequel to the 2016 Ryan Reynolds smash is being pushed up two weeks, from June 1 to May 18.

The move put the action comedy against Sony's Slender Man, but more importantly, has it opening one week before Disney's Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s a strategic play as even second weeks have been exceptionally strong for Star Wars movies. (The Last Jedi earned a big $71.5 million in its second weekend in December.)

Source: Hollywood Reporter

14 December 2017 - New Promotional Poster

5th December 2017 - Brazil Comic-Con Teaser

15th November 2017 - "Wet on Wet Teaser

9th November 2017 - Teaser Poster