Tuesday, 27 February 2018

5 Songs From CONTROLRadioUK Artists

You've seen our New Music Fridays and 5 picks of songs we think are pretty neat from non CONTROLRadioUK Artists. Well in this brand new feature, we're bring you 5 songs from CONTROLRadioUK Artists. These songs were chosen by our CEO/Director Trisha Benjamin, so without further ado!

This song may be familiar to those of you who keep up with the CONTROLRadioUK charts, Strange is most definitely my type of moody Blues song. The video fits the tone of the song excellently and Indira May is a pretty fine singer.

She hasn't yet broken into the CONTROLRadioUK Charts, but I wouldn't be surprised if Karrie Hayward is ruling it soon with Going To The Grave. It's another quality song, somewhat dipping its toes into the water of Country/Rock with that lovely guitar riff, and I do like a music video set in the woods.

Ali Jacko is already blowing up the CONTROLRadioUK Chart with this song, to no surprise whatsoever. I Found Love is a beautiful song, with a beautiful video to accompany it.

Another song that has quite rightly been a mainstay on the CONTROLRadioUK Charts for a couple of weeks now, is this fantastic song from Dol Vita. Dream has been rooted to my playlist since it was released. Fantastic songs like this deserve equally brilliant music videos and Dol Vita more than delivers here.

This is a really great song written by Joanna Alina. The video fits the tone of the song heartbreakingly well and the message of Back To You is one that will resonate with a lot of people.