Friday, 8 December 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

Now this is a tune I can get behind. Sigrid somewhat exploded onto the scene with 'Don't Kill My Vibe' & 'Plot Twist'. They were both pretty OK songs but didn't blow me away. But 'Strangers'? It's pop perfection. The music goes somewhere, the lyrics are interesting. The only critique I could possibly have is the lyric video held my attention longer than this music video did. It doesn't exactly fit with the message of the song. Which I know. not all music videos do and some Artists can make that work, but it really doesn't here. Music video aside though this song is fantastic and will probably be on the playlist for many New Year parties.

Sometimes Fall Out Boy produce good songs. Sometimes they produce bad songs and sometimes? They produce songs that fall squarely in the middle. 'Hold Me Tight Or Don't' is one of those songs. There are elements here that I like, but the chorus isn't quite strong enough and neither is the music in general. It just doesn't feel like a song that is them. I know I've spoken in the past on the fact Artists music will change over time as they grow and that is completely OK. But in this case it really feels as though this song was made just to fit in with the current Tropical/EDM beat crowd and I'm just not a fan of it. The music video doesn't really do anything for me either. Little Mix during a Brit Awards performance were accused of appropriating culture due to their use of make-up that was reminiscent of Mexico's Dia De Los Muertos aka Day of the Dead. You could say that Fall Out Boy are just as guilty here. Everyone surrounding them is dressed up in various costumes and make-up that comes from many different cultures whilst they're not, and it isn't as though it fits with the message of the song.

This song is absolutely wonderful and I have been waiting to feature it here for weeks. I always love songs that start out one way and then completely explode. Well I also like songs that explode in a softer manner so as to not override the lyrics and 'Grrls' does that perfectly. It reminds me a lot of early 90's songs that ruled the wavelengths and paved the way for other Artists to break through. This song probably won't have that type of impact but it doesn't change how awesome it is. The beat break towards the climax of the song? That 'lalalala' note that beautifully haunts throughout. It's just wonderful.

This is another fantastic song with an extremely thought provoking music video. This unlike 'Grrls' does completely explode in the chorus and it fits the tone of the song marvelously. It's also the first time I've come across MisterWives and I already love them. I really do wish more Artists would be adventurous and mix different genres of music into the same song, obviously in a coherent way, because this is what makes music sound fresh. Not stupid tropical/EDM beats that feel as though they'll never leave us. Taking risks with the music, fantastic lyrics that provide an excellent story and of course a music video that has obviously had a lot of thought put into it. This is very much one of those songs that deserves to blow up.

Just like the previous PNAU song featured here, unless you want a headache I would strongly suggest you just listen to this song instead of attempting to look at the visuals on screen. And this song is fantastic. One that will have you dancing all night. It's fun, it's infectious, the music goes somewhere. It's everything a person could want in a dance song.