Wednesday, 22 November 2017

CONTROLEntertainment Online Reviews: Ten Years

After ten years, Aly & AJ are back with a banger of an EP in ‘Ten Years’.

Taking such a long break from any industry can always be considered dangerous, but with Aly & AJ it feels right. They, like their fanbase, have grown a lot in the last ten years and their music reflects that. It’s a completely different direction to the music they’ve previously released and very much refreshing. Nothing in it feels manufactured, or done to keep up with the times, like so many Artists are guilty of.

‘Take Me’ was very much the correct choice in lead single. I absolutely adore the chorus and never stop dancing when it comes on shuffle. Musically it has a bit more power in it than the rest of the EP, and is a song that will get stuck in your head fast.

The rest of CONTROLRadioUK HQ disagrees with me, but I really like ‘I Know’. It’s a little softer than ‘Take Me’ which I’m actually glad about. Its still got that 80’s synth pop sound, but it’s done in a way that makes it feel current. Just like ‘Take Me’, the chorus will probably be stuck in your head for a while.

‘The Distance’
is another great song, probably my second favorite of the EP. It’s a really nice ballad, with the lyrics telling a story many can emphasize with. ‘Promises’ is without a doubt my favorite. Reminds me very much of Allie X, and it’s such a laid back song you could enjoy on a long car ride on a windy road, but crucially it’s laid back without feeling lazy.

The songs may all have a similar sound to them, but none of them feel repetitive. Each offers something unique, and it feels great to have them back.