Sunday, 5 November 2017

CONTROLEntertainmentOnline Reviews: Beautiful Trauma

Written By DRead Pirates

Way back when, Pink was the chosen one or at least one of them. Skip forward to now and we have Beautiful Trauma, her seventh album.

A lot to do about nothing really. I suppose at a pinch it's okay, but that's it, it's just okay nothing more. It lacks overall direction and that is something I never thought I'd say about Pink, but i do now.

The opening track "Whatever You Want" sticks to the script pretty well and reels you in like a fishing rod on steroids with it's dope pop - rock mix of mighty hooks. "Revenge" is her duet with the has - been Eminem. The duet has it's moments and even gives a passing nod to something Max Martin would have rejected.

Though it does not lack for power and Eminem's rhymes are right on the trigger it must be said. "Revenge" never comes close to putting a bullet in my brain.

"I Am Here" has an EDM influence about it mixed with a gospel infusing choir. Close, but no cigar.

Beautiful Trauma tries too hard and though nice in parts, in the end Beautiful it ain't. Maybe Pink's next album with any luck will be.