Friday, 3 November 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

Title track of the album, and boy does it do itself justice, 'Meaning of Life' is absolutely fantastic. The beginning reminds me a little of 'F.U' by Little Mix, and the way this song explodes in the chorus? You are not ready. Lyrically this song is good, but lets itself down slightly in places. The chorus could be stronger and when you have an Artist of Kelly Clarkson's vocal range? Repetitive usage of words instead of just holding the note really isn't necessary and drags the song down. Example of this is repeating 'life' in the chorus and its overall basicness. Perhaps I'm just being picky, but I always find choruses that only have one verse that repeats a cop-out, and even more so when it's literally just repeating the same sentence 4 times over. Nitpicking aside this song is absolutely fantastic. Musically and production wise it's sound. The backing vocals towards the songs finale only seek to further empower Kelly's vocals, instead of having to cover up lack of depth as with many other Artists. Have I mentioned that Kelly Clarkson is a powerhouse vocally? Because I feel like I haven't, and if her discography, every decent music critic around and her live performances haven't already informed you of this fact? This song does. And I do love when Artists mix not only different genres of music, but time periods of music together. This song starts out with a 60's/70's soul funk beat & the chorus keeps it current.

Remember how I said WALK THE MOON needed to use the pre-album singles to convince me to buy the album? Well 'Surrender' is doing an OK job with that. Musically I beyond love this song. It's what a Dance/Pop song should sound like. It knows when to go up, when to go down & keeps the pace so you don't start to feel bored. The only thing I can really fault here is the lyrics. They don't do anything for this song at all, and it's really disappointing. When music is as good as this, you need really strong, powerful vocals and we're getting the complete opposite here. As much as the music may be good, this song doesn't need to be over 5 minutes song. It's treading a dangerous line of being overkill, and is only saved by the music. Which would be perfect if this was an instrumental track but it's not. The lyrics are trying to sell an emotional story here. One I'd be able to buy if this was a dance ballad. But it's not and 'Headphones' isn't much better. I am all for Artists/Bands mixing different genres of music in songs and indeed over an album, it makes it less predictable and tedious. But it only works when the music has a clear direction in what it's trying to achieve.
With the singles from the album, I have no idea what exactly Walk The Moon are trying to achieve and that's not going to make me stream let alone buy something.

I could be greedy and say this song isn't long enough, but it's a nice, easy-going, chill-out song, ideal for road trips and those long afternoons, so it's probably just long enough. Every once in a while we need a song to come along that is pure fun & 'High Rollin' is exactly that.

Excusing the terrible pun but this song is lit af. I really love Krewella's music. They put a fresh spin on a dying genre and I could listen to them for hours. It's very much a rare song that doesn't require a big drop in the chorus, and lyrically this song is deep af. OK, I'm gonna stop now.

I went into this song not knowing exactly what to expect and I have been amazed. Lyrically this song is quite deep, the lyric video is inventive, and I absolutely adore the chorus. It's another song mixing different genres of music, and I love it! K.Flay is an American singer/songwriter.