Sunday, 15 October 2017

CONTROLEntertainmentOnline Reviews: Wonderful, Wonderful

Written By DRead Pirates

The Killers have a long awaited new album out called Wonderful Wonderful. It's been five years. What took you so long guys?

'Hot Fuss', their debut album, was beautifully crafted in nearly every aspect. Wonderful Wonderful is the band's best album for what seems like an aeon, and far better than Battle Born ever could have been in retrospect.

There are still overtones of 80's and early Indie type rock, harking back to 'Sam's Town', the Killers second studio album. All is not lost, however, as Wonderful Wonderful has a heady mix of all their previous sounds rolled into one, or at least it sounds that way on an initial listen. Once you begin to delve deeper into the songs a sort of epiphany begins to crystallize.

'The Man', hits you where it hurts, a well constructed dance-rock number that sets you up for a musical journey that really pulls no punches. 'Run For Cover', hits you harder still, an inspirational song full of vigour. The Killers even make time for a quite stunning ballad, 'Have All The Songs Been Written', emotive in every sense.

That song, not so much hits you in the solar plexus, it more like poleaxes you. Job done i think. The album has quality running through much of it, with the exception of 'Some Kind Of Love', that really sucks, bereft of real emotion. That song is the journey man of the album.

The Killers have nice things going on with this record, there are just a few let downs that ultimately get in the way and stop it from being truly magnificent. Wonderful Wonderful, is really wonderful in parts.