Thursday, 14 September 2017

5 Songs From CONTROLRadioUK Artists

You've seen our Throwback Thursdays and 5 picks of songs we think are pretty neat from non CONTROLRadioUK Artists. Well in this brand new feature, we're bring you 5 songs from CONTROLRadioUK Artists. These songs were chosen by our CEO/Director Trisha Benjamin, so without further ado!

I've been on a roll with Country songs recently, and I don't hate it. Accompanied by a nice video, this is a great song with a lot of heart. It's also more of the Country/Pop variety than straight up Country & has a chorus that'll get stuck in your head after a few listens.

Seriously Country music is me right now! This isn't as up tempo as 'Catch Me', but it's nonetheless a great song, probably bordering Country/Rock and the video fits the song perfectly.

Not to be confused with Coldplay, this song is fantastic. Combines about 3 different genres and I just love it. Meaningful lyrics, good video & a song that actually goes somewhere. It is seriously not much to ask.

Unless I'm mistaken & I'm not often, this song has featured on the CONTROLRadioUK Charts, so you guys like this song just as much as we do. It's a lovely moody number that'd sit perfectly in the mainstream charts, great lyrics, the climax of this song gets me every time & Grace Monroe has a fantastic voice.

Another moody number to finish this weeks edition, and I wouldn't blame you for mistaking this for a Muse track because I did. The video is hauntingly beautiful and I love the way this song starts out as a very moody type of ballad, and then steps it up a notch in the chorus. Oh and that guitar string is probably gonna haunt my dreams for the next week.