Monday, 28 August 2017

'Look What You Made Me Do' Is CONTROLRadioUK's Video Of The Week

I know it's only Monday. But there is no other video this week that is as good as this. Whether you love, hate, or love to hate Taylor, you are watching this video and that's a sign of a true superstar - able to draw people in even when they don't want to be.

Taylor Swift is never far from controversy or a feud, and what she does better than anyone else is make fun of herself. Is 'Look What You Made Me Do' a particularly good song? No, and it's hard not to sing along to 'I'm Too Sexy' in the chorus. In this video she's taking on the whole damn world and leaving it shook. There are so many Easter Eggs hidden in this song, but my most favorite part without a doubt is the end with the various Taylor's calling each other out. It's absolutely delicious.

She's taking on the people accusing her so called 'squad' of being a manufactured group of friends. She's taking on the people who call her a snake. She's taking on the people that accused her of being greedy for taking her records off streaming sites. She's taking on people who accuse her relationships of being nothing but PR drivel. She's taking on the infamous Kim Kardashian recording. She's taking on people accusing her of being nothing but a fame whore. She's taking on the 'This Is What You Came For' controversy. She even finds time to take on the infamous 'I <3 T Swift' t-shirt. All of this in one video! Again 'Look What You Made Me Do' isn't a particularly good song, but I feel people judged its release and the accompanying lyric video too harshly on Friday. The whole point of lyric videos is to get the audience hyped up for the actual music video, and do some damage to the chart. For Billboards sake I truly hope Taylor Swift does said damage, because there is no way a song as disgracefully ordinary as 'Despacito' should beat Mariah Carey's record.

Me personally I have never been a massive fan of Taylor Swifts music. 1989 was a great album and indeed the first one of hers I bought, but her songs tend to be a little ordinary for my taste. Her music videos however, more times than not, are on a whole other level. 'Look What You Made Me Do' is the perfect comeback track so to speak. It's Taylor making fun of herself, enemies and media speculation as best Taylor does, without actually being specific in anything. Which is something that we tend to praise a lot of celebrities for, but as soon as Taylor Swift does it? She's being fake, unable to really go full pelt because she's too afraid of facing things head on. A completely ridiculous notion, and 'Look What You Made Me Do' is the diss track and music video that other Artists can only dream of perfecting.