Tuesday, 15 August 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

This is such a great song. The drums in the chorus really elevate the song (no surprise when they're provided by Josh Dun of Twenty One Pilots). The song has a bit of a Western vibe with the chorus taking it into Rock territory, which is an interesting combination. Lyrically this song doesn't exactly offer much. It's not a fresh take on anything, but the way Lights take this on is unique. Having listened to a couple of her songs and watched numerous music videos, I actually think Lights is quite a unique artist. For someone who likes comic books, having an artist incorporate comic strips into their music video is interesting. It turns a dark, dowdy music video which doesn't have much going on into something special. Lights is a Canadian musician, singer and songwriter, and you can pre-order the album 'Skin & Earth', which comes out on the 22nd September, now.

Can you believe P!nk's last album was released in 2012? I was a little shocked by that. It really doesn't feel like that long ago. But she is back, with a brand new album 'Beautiful Trauma' that you can pre-order now, and released on the 13th October. I've been listening to P!nk's music since I was around about 11/12. Not all of it is my cup of tea, especially the early years, but I do enjoy a great deal of it. Lyrically 'What About Us' is OK, but it has the same message that a number of P!nk songs have, only they've been better. Musically this doesn't go anywhere either. Listening to this multiple times I kept waiting for the song to eventually explode, because that's what P!nk songs tend to do. But it's just that same old EDM, tropical beat, I am completely done with hearing and that's it. No explosion, no change of note or direction, no finale that sends a chill down your spine because it's so good. After a 5 year wait for fresh solo material, 'What About Us' is a disappointment and I can only hope the album is better.

OK this is another song with a crappy tropical beat this time, and doesn't go anywhere at all musically. However it is quite an interesting song lyrically. I like when songs make me think about the message they're encompassing. Yes it follows that simple old rhyming couplet I'm always complaining about, and I realize I have a number of issues with songs that are being produced at the moment. The world is in quite a depressive state right now. Art is supposed to be where you can escape to, but when every song looks and sounds the same, and movies/TV are all about remakes and spin-offs? It's extremely disappointing. But lyrically this song is another interesting take on the break-up genre. Usually it's all about the devastation one feels when someone's broken up with them. Finding faults in yourself to justify why it's happened, and hope that you can fix yourself so that someone else will love you. This song turns that on its head. The person who has orchestrated the break-up is the one filled with darkness. It's a darkness acknowledged by their former partner, along with the devastation at the break-up, but refusing to hold themselves responsible. It's a wise lesson many could learn. Echosmith are an Indie/Pop band from California.

Aside from this video making me fear my PC was up the spout, this is a really good song. The message of itself is clear, and one we could all do with taking on board. Musically this is also something a bit different which I am overjoyed with. It has a build-up that actually goes somewhere, but the music doesn't overpower the song or its message. I could seriously do without such a weird video though. By now Foster The People are a band you are probably familiar with so no need for introductions, and their album 'Sacred Hearts Club' is out now.

Is this just another excuse for me to talk about how much I love an album? Why yes, it is indeed. But 'Hoodie' is also a good song. Not the best I've ever heard and certainly not the best on the album (that title belongs to 'Like Lovers Do' which is in my top 10 songs of the year list). If you haven't found an old item of clothing in the aftermath of a break-up and been overwhelmed by memories of what was once? Quite honestly you haven't experienced a break-up. I like the effects used in the video and Rena Lovelis is certainly a lead singer who knows how to emote. Very important when a music video requires a bit of acting, otherwise the whole story of the video can fall short. Hey Violet are an American Rock band and their album 'From The Outside' is available now. I absolutely love it and cannot recommend it highly enough.