Monday, 28 August 2017

5 Songs From CONTROLRadioUK Artists

You've seen our Throwback Thursdays and 5 picks of songs we think are pretty neat from non CONTROLRadioUK Artists. Well in this brand new feature, we're bring you 5 songs from CONTROLRadioUK Artists. These songs were chosen by our CEO/Director Trisha Benjamin, so without further ado!

This is a perfect soft rock song for a Bank Holiday Monday. BTS/Tour videos don't usually work for me, but this actually fits the tone of the song perfectly.

This is a really beautiful song. Anna Farquhar has a brilliant voice, and this song is very much loved by CONTROLRadioUK HQ. It's my perfect mix of a Pop/Rock ballad, and these lyrics touch my soul.

I'm not gonna beat around the bushes, this video is weird as hell. But when you get past that, and thinking your PC is on the way out, the music is quite cool and the lyrics do get you thinking.

I think I'm just gonna rename this moody Bank Holiday. Matt Allen has a really great soulful voice. The video doesn't exactly do much, keeping it simple and letting the song speak for itself which I can appreciate.

OK I do actually like this song. It's a little Country, the choir on backing takes the song up a notch which is always wonderful, and I can relate to the songs message. Plus any song that mixes up the genres halfway in is always gonna be good in my book.