Monday, 10 July 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

Hello friends. It has been a while since my last 5 picks (just over a month to be precise). Fear not you haven't been abandoned for a better life, nope! Just boring old college. But summer is upon us and so are the 5 picks returning with banger after banger this wee, starting off with this from Pvris. This song is amazing. My good people at CONTROLRadioUK HQ agree with this sentiment but unlike myself, are not enchanted by the video. Outside of the small dancing sections, it apparently left a lot to be desired. That's not an opinion shared by myself as I appreciate uniqueness that different Artists bring to the table, and this video is honestly a gem. Musically and lyrically this song is an absolute masterpiece, only minor critic I can possibly offer is it didn't need to be just over 5 minutes long.

OK, usually I am here for Fickle Friends but this song? Does not wow me at all. Parts of it are nice enough but the lyrics don't do anything for me, and musically, this sounds like a hundred other songs I've heard this year. The good people at CONTROLRadioUK HQ once again disagree with me and like the 80 beats in the undertones of this song & think 'it sounds quite poppy'. I could agree in theory but again, hundreds of songs this year have had undertone beats from years past & sounded 'poppy'; doesn't make them good just songs that exist. Maybe I just have high expectations for bands that I unexpectedly find myself liking, but this and 'Hello Hello' just have not been good enough offerings from a band that usually sounds so great.

This song is absolutely lit!! Seriously! I have been an on/off fan (mostly off these days unfortunately) of The Killers since I was a wee little teenager & 'Somebody Told Me' owned music channels. Hot Fuss is still one of my favorite EVER albums. I know considering Steps, OneRepublic, Bastille & Little Mix are on that list that may not seem huge, but The Killer were one of the first rock bands I ever listened to & Hot Fuss was certainly the first album I bought. Their music over the years has changed and evolved since then, which is perfectly fine, I've mentioned quite a few times in these picks music from Artists is entitled to change & grow as they do. All this considered though I seriously was not expecting to like this song at all, let alone absolutely love it. There are a few samples littered throughout this song which I can't quite put my finger on (and that will never not annoy me) but again musically and lyrically this is perfect. The video whilst not having an exact story, does fit completely with the tone of the song. Honestly, I cannot stress enough how fabulous this song is and if the album is anything like it? I may be buying my first album since Sam's Town (though granted that probably doesn't count since it was a gift but whatever! You get the point)

Due to being insanely busy finishing college, Pride month completely passed myself and CONTROLRadioUK website by. I know, I'm a very bad website content manager and apologize profusely. I love Adam Lambert. He's got one heck of a voice, the only person who can do Queen songs justice and he can do the monster pop songs and ballads so well. Musically this song doesn't exactly wow me. It's good in parts, but we're in July now. A lot of music has so far been released this year including some fantastic ballads. The lyrics is what saves this song. We all have things about us that we find troubling, and even worse that society likes to judge us on. It's great to have songs on female empowerment, telling us we don't need anyone but ourselves to be happy, and things may seem bad one day but they will get better. However what I'd like to see more of is songs owning the things we find troubling about ourselves, and tell us that it's ok and people may judge but basically you don't have to give a damn. That's what I love this song for.

I absolutely love Kesha, and I won't lie watching this video brings a tear to my eye. It's impossible not to feel the emotion in this song and video. I'm so glad she is finally releasing new music and has the album 'Rainbow' coming out. There's nothing I can say that does justice to how truly amazing this is, and the journey Kesha has been on. Just click play, let the feels wash over you and then pre-order the album.