Thursday, 18 May 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Presents Throwback Thursday: Worst Songs Part 3

Yes it is indeed that time of the week again. Continuing our worst song special, this week we're looking at bands and questioning why they hated us so much to do this to our ears.

Little known fact? I love Steps. I know I hide it extremely well, but they were my favorite band as a child. Even they though are not exempt from producing the odd dud. Another little known fact? Steps are at their best when Claire is on lead vocals. She's got so much power in her vocals, can sing a vast amount of genres, knows when to go high and low, and is also excellent on background. I can take H or Faye on lead as they are good singers but I won't like the song as much. When Lisa takes the wheel instead? I'm sorry but it's a no from me. I touched on it at the beginning of this special but I'll reiterate; when a lot of production goes into covering your vocals, other people have to sing on top of you to mask how weak you are or neither of those factors are involved and the music is incredibly weak to facilitate your vocals? You really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near a microphone. If you think I'm just being overly mean, I suggest you search for any live performance of a Steps song where Lisa sings.

Another little known fact? Mel C is the only Spice Girl that knows what a note is. It actually boggles my mind that Geri, Emma, Mel B & Victoria have had attempts at solo careers, and that Geri was the most successful out of the foursome because they're horrible. I know I've never been a fan of the Spice Girls but since they were so big when I was a kid, I have unfortunately heard 90% of their songs and I just don't get the success. Choosing a worst song from them was extremely difficult because bar 'Viva Forever' they're all horrible, guilty pleasures. 'Say You'll Be There' ended up being the pick of a bad bunch as I like videos with stories and this doesn't have one, I don't like generic lyrics that aim for rhyming couplets which this has in bundles and when only one person in the band can sing? Not a good idea to give each member a solo part.

Same criticism I have with all these songs in regards to the singing, but this is even worse on the account of objectifying women, and a video that is parodying other music videos by far superior bands. Oh and The Wanted didn't deserve the limited success they did manage to achieve, and did everyone a favor when they split.

I don't think any explanation is required for this.

If you're going to cover a song make sure you're adding something to it, otherwise don't bother. Though I shall admit the limited scenery is quite pretty.