Thursday, 11 May 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Presents Throwback Thursday: Worst Songs Part 2

And so we continue this epic torment, where we question how on earth someone decided these songs were good and more to the point? Why our ears have been subjected to such awful noise.

Jason Derulo was good when he actually made music. Yes we all mocked the 'Jason Derulo' but at least the music was bearable. Now it's just sexist trash with no point to it, but we should celebrate the fact he's still a good dancer. No thanks!

If we put aside PSY was turned into a novelty act and this song played to death? It's actually quite a good tune with great music that you can love, and appreciate PSY's music as a collective instead of being known for the dance. But this is #TBT Worst Songs and wow! I can't believe this was released in 2012 when it feels like just yesterday I couldn't escape it.

Yes this song has an interesting dance number to it. But I'm 1) Not here for Ed Sheeran in general since he is extremely over-rated and 2) Well his songs aren't that good. Society has invented such phrases as 'nice guy' 'fck boy' and 'slut-shaming', none of which I'm here for and this song plays into at least two of those conventions.

This is less of a Throwback and more of a plain awful song. Musically it's ok without being spectacular, but lyrically? This song is not good. I don't know if it's an attempt at shouting out to the LGBT community, or the usual failure at innuendo's. Either way? It's a not from me.

This song annoyed the crap out of me growing up. I don't know what it is with society picking up a song by a Foreign Artist and deciding it's the joke song of the year etc, but it's incredibly disrespectful, racist in demeaning the Artists work and not something I want to heart 24/7.