Thursday, 4 May 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Presents Throwback Thursday: Worst Songs Part 1

This is one Throwback Thursday Special I do not enjoy bringing to you because I hate worst song lists. Music is subjective, we all like what we like and picking fault with peoples work is not my thing. Unfortunately no matter how non-judgmental you want to be, there is ALWAYS a song that comes along every once in a while and you can't help but question it. Was the Producer deaf, did the Computer's auto-tune fail, who on earth thought this was a good idea etc. Researching this ever so un-wonderful topic because yes! We here at CONTROLRadioUK are consummate professionals, who heavily research every subject that we write about. In cases like this it's not always nice on the ears but from doing said research I realized there are a lot of songs that fall into the above categories, and for the next 4 weeks? I'm bringing those songs to you.

Sound wise this song is actually pretty great. Lyrically it's a little generic but this could have still worked well if someone apart from Lisa-Scott Lee was singing it. I mentioned in my 5 picks this week that just because you're a good dancer & actress doesn't mean you're a good singer. In this case just because you're a good dancer doesn't mean you belong anywhere near a microphone. That may sound harsh, but it's honest. When you have to be multi-tracked to oblivion? Step away from the microphone and don't look back. When you have to be multi-tracked & the song heavily produced into oblivion? Seriously why are you still here?! Now you could say that maybe it's just the track that doesn't suit her, but Lisa's.... lack of vocals to be kind are fairly prominent throughout Steps discography. There is a reason why she barely sings solo & when she does it's again either multi-tracked or someone is singing with her. Live performances are even worse.

I'm gonna save my ears the stress of playing this song all the way through and you my dear audience about 6 paragraphs of criticism, by simply referring you to the above and add that Cheryl has no place being near a recording studio or judging people on their abilities. Yes I know she left X Factor already! My question is how she was ever on in the first place.

This is a bit of a cheat because unlike my peers at CONTROLRadioUK HQ, I do think Lady Gaga can sing. Dancing no, but she is a great singer and songwriter. However this video is horrible. To watch it is to laugh in horror at how empty and useless this video is.

This song was fun when no-one paid attention to the title. Then it became a thing with the uproar and someone decided to focus the video on said uproar. When you do that, the moments ruined and it all becomes incredibly boring. I still like the song but this is one of the videos that happenedbutneverhappened.gif

So this is a worst song and worst video. Literally the only good part of this video is when the guy dives into the swimming pool, and that's only because I really like water. Dare I say this video is even more pointless than 'Edge of Glory'. It's not clever or imaginative, but boring, useless and enough to put you to sleep (which is actually a fact, I did fall asleep with this once playing on the TV) If this had a better music video the song would probably not be as grating, but that's a very thin probability.