Thursday, 18 May 2017

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

I love this. It's so subtle, so beautiful, and so powerful, it's fantastic. Sometimes songs need to attack with all their might to be able to gain a grip on you, and sometimes simplicity is best. There's no need to override the power of the video & lyrics here by overloading the song musically, and I love Artists/Bands that know when to play it simple and when to attack. Verite's debut album 'Somewhere In Between' is out on the 23rd of June but you can pre-order now to get 'Phase Me Out' along with this beauty. If the songs so far are anything to go by, we're in for one hell of a treat.

This is a really nice chill-out song. It takes a few listens to warm up to but once you do, you'll be bopping your head along like there's no tomorrow. Lyrically this isn't exactly a masterpiece, though it does have some good ideas about it to separate from what has fast become the generic norm. Coin are an American Indie/Pop and their album 'How Will You Know If You Never Try' is out now.

I spent half of this video wondering where I'd seen the lead singer before, and eventually realized he's Ross Lynch. I was quite surprised I recognized him since I've only ever seen shows he's been part of in passing, but apparently it was enough to leave an impression. Unfortunately, this song doesn't. Lyrically this song is formed of rhyming couplets and an uninspiring chorus, whilst the music is quite weak to compliment the even worse vocals. The focus of Ross in the video doesn't work either, since he's very much carry a DGAF attitude, which is extremely off-putting. I don't know if that's a deliberate move on the director's part and I'm just missing what this video is trying to do but it's just not working. However despite the critic from listening to the rest of the songs from R5's Extended EP 'Addictions', R5 are decent to listen to. The music won't blow you away unless you're already a fan, but they're certainly not the worst thing you'll hear this summer.

I don't know what I can say about this song apart from its a BOP. Yes it has that same generic EDM/Pop crossover sound that is infecting music right now, and one I shall complain about endlessly. Here though Whethan and Charli XCX are a perfect combination in making it all sound so fresh, and the only disappointing thing about this song is how short it is.

In parts this song is good, and again it'll probably take a few listens to warm up to it though even then you'll still find issues. I'm all for Artists mixing up genres of music because when it's done right, it feels like heaven in your eardrums. When it's done wrong though, you're left with a boring mess that puts you to sleep. 'Say My Name' isn't quite at mind-numbing levels but you will spend the majority of the song wondering what could've been, and it is so disappointing when a song with great potential falls flat. Tove Stryke is a Swedish singer/songwriter, and if you're wondering why that name sounds familiar? She superbly covered 'Baby One More Time' by Britney Spears in 2015.