Tuesday, 27 December 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Presents 2016 Artist Of The Year Part 2: Grouplove

Hello and welcome to another CONTROLRadioUK Special where all week I'm celebrating the best of the new Artists I've heard this year. This isn't necessarily Artists that broke out in 2016, but the first time I came across their music thanks to the wonderful work that we do here. It was extremely hard to narrow down the choices because I have listened to so much great music this yes, but we managed it! Every day this week I'm going to be bringing you a fresh article looking at one Artist/Band in particular, with focus on the music videos that grabbed me & they're best overall videos.

I absolutely love Grouplove. Their music is a rarity for me; catch as heck, fantastic beat, lyrically sound & makes me dance my lovely little socks off. One downside is I'm not always a fan of the music videos they have, which is why I've chosen the audio video here instead. I may really like a song but when your video doesn't grab me, it risks ruining the song for me.

One of my favorites from Grouplove & again I've chosen the audio video because I really do not like the video. Yes it does kind of speak to the song lyrically, but I am just not a fan and like with 'Cannonball' above, I love this song way too much to let it be ruined by a bad video. Like above this is catchy as heck, lyrically sound & has a thunderous chorus I just can't help but dance along to which is how I generally feel about Grouplove. As I've said in picks before, sometimes I like songs that make me think & sometimes I just like fun which Grouplove bring me in bundles & I am very excited to see what the future brings.

Finishing off here with an actual video. I know! How rad. Honestly though I have praised Grouplove for using other creative works for their videos, because some of them are pretty cool, but sometimes I just need a good old fashioned official video. It doesn't have a story to it or anything really going for it, but I'm too busy dancing away to focus on that. I really do enjoy & am so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work here at CONTROLRadioUK because it has introduced me to some magnificent Artists/Bands & made me expand on my musical collection. Instead of seeing a video online & just ignoring it because the thumbnail doesn't look interesting, I'm watching. Yes! Sometimes I do regret that decision but 80% of the time I'm glad I'm giving it a try & also not giving up on an Artist/Band because one song is bad as I'm discovering some real gems.