Thursday, 29 December 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Presents 2016 Artist Of The Year Part 4: Tegan and Sara

Hello and welcome to another CONTROLRadioUK Special where all week I'm celebrating the best of the new Artists I've heard this year. This isn't necessarily Artists that broke out in 2016, but the first time I came across their music thanks to the wonderful work that we do here. It was extremely hard to narrow down the choices because I have listened to so much great music this yes, but we managed it! Every day this week I'm going to be bringing you a fresh article looking at one Artist/Band in particular, with focus on the music videos that grabbed me & their best overall videos.

I've mentioned it previously a number of times but for those new, I've known about Tegan And Sara for years. Quite a few people I've come across have been big fans of them & their music, encouraging me to give them a listen but I always refused. As with Bastille, I don't like when music is overplayed or people try to force me onto something that they like. It's extremely off-putting & if anything makes me turn off the Artist even more. This year though, with my work here requiring me to select 5 songs every week from Artists/Bands you may have heard of but the emphasis is on those that aren't as well known, I had to expand my musical library. Yes I am allowed to occasionally bring you songs from OneRepublic & Bastille, but that's only occasionally & even then requires a lot of bargaining. So I have to search around the net & listen to some truly awful music until I come across gems like Tegan & Sara. After that you're never getting rid of me. Do I feel annoyed it took me so long to get into them? Yes, but at the same time it makes me appreciate their music that bit more. Their music has such a lovely chilled, 80's synth vibe to it that I can't help liking it & 'Stop Desire' was the first step in that musical journey.

Since I came across Tegan And Sara's music they've been a regular feature on the picks which I make no apologies for; their music is superb. But a true test of whether you like an Artist/Band is when you explore their discography, and in Tegan And Sara's case the rest of the album. It's ok to not feel 1 or 2 tracks as long as you like the other 90% and with Tegan And Sara I can safely say I'm liking that 90%. Even if their music videos don't always grab me, their music tends to have a story to them lyrically which I like in Artists/Bands especially when I'm just starting to get into them. You can save the basic rhyming courtet for the next album when we're on good enough terms for me to look past it. I don't know what it is exactly I love about this song. It's kind of a ballad with a bit of power in the chorus that really draws you in, along with the story of the song obviously. It's still got that 80's synth vibe that I'm really feeling from several Artists/Bands as it happens, but there's enough about this to make it stand out as an original, instead of blending in & becoming forgettable.

Which is where we get & finish off today's special with this beauty. First playing this after listening to the two above, I was afraid we were going into that repetitive territory. An Artist/Band has a particular sound they like which they stick to, but how do they continue making that sound fresh? Whatever the answer is to that Tegan And Sara do that here, and 'White Knuckles' has fast become my favorite song by them. It's a lot softer than the two above, but still brings the same punch. I can really feel the song lyrically which I do always love, even if I did want a bit more from this. Like it's good enough for me to enjoy & feel it, but I'm really not a fan of Artists/Bands who have half a song basically repeating the bridge & chorus over & over again. Yes dressing it up with other instruments to make it sound different works as a great distraction, but I find it a bit lazy. Considering this is the first time I've given their music a listen & I do in general like it, I won't be too harsh!