Wednesday, 28 December 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Presents 2016 Artist Of The Year Part 3: Allie X

Hello and welcome to another CONTROLRadioUK Special where all week I'm celebrating the best of the new Artists I've heard this year. This isn't necessarily Artists that broke out in 2016, but the first time I came across their music thanks to the wonderful work that we do here. It was extremely hard to narrow down the choices because I have listened to so much great music this yes, but we managed it! Every day this week I'm going to be bringing you a fresh article looking at one Artist/Band in particular, with focus on the music videos that grabbed me & their best overall videos.

At the halfway point here & how can I not talk about this Queen? I first came across her with 'Too Much To Dream'. I know a fantastic Artist/Band when I see them & since then I have stuck around and been treated to some criminally under-rated bops. If you take a quick peek at the word perfect in your musical dictionary? This song will be the definition. It is honestly that fantastic the only thing I hate is when it ends, but then it just starts again because yes! I will listen to this on repeat for days & not get bored. How can you with something so great? It's absolutely sound musically & the lyrics don't let it down either.

SERIOUSLY. It is extremely difficult for Artists/Bands to follow up perfection with something just as spectacular & yet Allie easily accomplishes that here, which only serves to reinforce my dismay that she is so under-rated. Just like my dearly beloved 'Merry Christmas Everybody', this song just gets me & just like 'All the Rage' it is an excellent song to have on the work-out playlist. It's also really important to make sure the music doesn't over power the story of the song & that can be quite a hard balance to find, yet it's done here so easily. The music's nice and easy during the verses, driving up slightly in the bridge to then take us to the chorus where we have a little bit more bass, & then back down into the verses. It's such a sweet transition you can't hear it & I love when music is done so well.