Monday, 26 December 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Presents 2016 Artist Of The Year Part 1: Hayley Kiyoko

Hello and welcome to another CONTROLRadioUK Special where all week I'm celebrating the best of the new Artists I've heard this year. This isn't neccesarily Artists that broke out in 2016, but the first time I came across their music thanks to the wonderful work that we do here. It was extremely hard to narrow down the choices because I have listened to so much great music this yes, but we managed it! Every day this week I'm going to be bringing you a fresh article looking at one Artist/Band in particular, with focus on the music videos that grabbed me & they're best overall videos. So let's get cracking!

I've spoken a lot this year about how much I like Hayley Kiyoko's music. I first came across her through one of the videos featured below and since then I have been hooked. I like the fact all her music has something different to offer; one song can be a ballad, the next an up-tempo pop song. I like the fact her lyrics have meaning instead of being about the next rhyming couplet, and I love how much effort she puts into her music videos. She's dedicated to her craft, vocal on social issues, her music has helped a lot of people, who have in turn come together as a collective because of her music. I chose this song & video for a few years; the beat at the beginning of the song immediately had you hooked, I love the overall music & story of the lyrics, the video has a really interesting story to it & I love water just as much as I love scenery.

This was the song & video that first got me into Hayley's music & I have previously spoken about it on one of our first music picks. Again just like 'Cliffs Edge' from the first beat I'm hooked. Yes the song does to an extent lyrically cave to the rhyming couplet, but even then it's actually interesting & the rhyming words make sense. The song's got a great message to it which is excellently represented in the video (which is how I originally came across Hayley). We live in an age of time where the media likes to play on a certain death trope, so it's great to see a video have such a positive message & equally positive ending (unlike another I watched recently which completely ruined the song for me). Another thing I should mention about Hayley? She's very much involved with her videos, directing quite a few of them.

Another song I've covered in my picks so I won't rewrite an essay here. But the basics of it are when I originally heard this song I wasn't sure I would like it & overtime I've ended up loving it. Once again I like the story behind the lyrics & video, because in one way or another a lot of people can relate to it. I also really like the end where it inter cuts between her dancing on the table & the burning pictures of the girls.

Again I've covered this before but in a strange way I think this is my favourite video of Hayley's. It's got a story where the first time I watched I was quite nervous wondering where it was going, and I like when music videos do that to me. Yes they're here to persuade you to purchase a song, but they're also here (or should be) to educate & make us think. Horrible events do occur because that is life, but it also has a really positive ending which is again sending a good message.