Thursday, 10 November 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Presents Throwback Thursday: Best Covers

We've traveled through time exploring some of the best songs from the 80's & 90's. Now I'm bringing you '5 Of The Best' and where else to start than with covers?

Covers have to not only have something special to them for me to be able to like them, but also bring something to the song that the original Artist. It can be something as simple as a different musical style or a range of voice which brings more music to the song or a video with a superior story that takes the whole song to another level. Also going to add I've listened to a lot of covers over the years including 'Hurt', 'Hallelujah', 'What About Now', 'Try', 'What Do You Want From Me', 'Don't Speak' & 'Don't You want Me Baby' & whilst I've loved them all, there isn't enough room for them all to be here (though I do advise you give them a listen)

The Artist: Leona Lewis
The Song: Run
Originally By: Snow Patrol from their Third Album 'Final Straw in 2003

CONTROLRadioUK Thoughts:
I will be honest and say when I first heard Leona Lewis had covered this song I wasn't impressed. Snow Patrol are one of the first bands I listened to as a teenager & 'Run' was the song that got me into them because it was so hauntingly beautiful. When I saw her perform this on X Factor? I was blown away. She's kept the hauntingly beautiful tone of the song, but this version I'd say is more of a ballad and I love the slow build up to the end where this smacks you in the face. It can be difficult to cover a song by any singer due to the differences in vocal style & note reach (some can reach the high notes quite easily whilst others have deep voices that just can't reach). From my days at Theatre School I know it's even more difficult to sing a song by the opposite sex, but Leona has the vocal range to absolutely nail this & dare i say I've grown to like this song more than the original.

The Artist: Bastille
The Song: Final Song
Originally By: MØ

CONTROLRadioUK Thoughts:
Have I ever mentioned how much I've come to love Bastille? Part of their unique appeal is they don't just cover songs. No, they mash-up as well! This isn't my favorite (that's a tie between 'No Scrubs' & 'No Angels') but I love what they do with this. Like with 'Run' I'm a big fan of the original 'Final Song' (and I featured it in the picks a while back) & Bastille aren't doing anything spectacular with it here but the mix with Craig David's '7 days' and 'The Final Countdown' is what takes this to another level. Daniel has such a great voice that he could basically sing anything & I'd love it. If you haven't checked out Bastille's mix-tape albums 'Other People's Heartache' then you should because it's fantastic.

The Artist: OneRepublic
The Song: Send My Love
Originally By: Adele

CONTROLRadioUK Thoughts:
Have I ever mentioned how much I love Live Lounge? I'll admit sometimes the covers really don't work due to reasons mentioned above, but most of the time they get it right. Bastile's a great example of that but even better? OneRepublic! I'll be honest and say Adele's version is my favorite (even if the videos a complete dud) due to her attitude in the song & music. This version here is a little basic musically & I can't use Live Lounge as an excuse since Bastille managed to give us a gem. But despite the fact they don't do anything with this Ryan is a fantastic singer who I am yet to hear on a bad song. It's also extremely difficult for anyone to cover Adele because her range is so high, but OneRepublic do that effortlessly here.

The Artist: Glee Soundtrack
The Song: Rumor Has It/Someone Like You
Originally By: Adele

CONTROLRadioUK Thoughts:
Ok first things first; Glee had one good season but after that it should've been wiped from TV schedules to save our brains from retcons & continuity errors galore. By us I of course don't mean myself because I tuned out of this mess after the first season. Glee didn't do a lot of things right but more times than not the songs they covered were fantastic. My top favorites are 'Don't Speak', 'Don't You Want Me Baby' & 'Total Eclipse Of The Heart'. My all time favorite? This magnificent mash-up which some say is a rare highlight of Glee & it's still permanently stuck to my playlists years later. As said above not a lot of people can cover Adele because of her high vocal range, but Glee do it superbly here. When people think of Glee you probably think of some individuals more than others. But there is a reason why this song is still one of the most talked about Glee mash-up's & indeed one of the best because Amber & Naya mesh so brilliantly together on this song it's unreal. They bring their two parts together effortlessly which gives us that glorious ending, the background vocals work so well with them & the music? Oh how I love the music. Whilst I like Adele's versions in their own right, this is a rare version of the cover/mash-up being completely superior to the original.

The Artist: Little Mix
The Song: Dance With Somebody
Originally By: Whitney Houston

CONTROLRadioUK Thoughts:
Funny fact for you here; I did not like Little Mix originally. I watched their season of the X Factor & during the early shows, they did not sound good. Somewhere down the line that changed but I still did not like them. A little bit further down the line ala Bastille, that changed & now I absolutely love them. Others here at CONTROLRadioUK do not and they are one of the Artists/Bands I'm banned from featuring in my picks (which is a massive shame I've protested against because I love SOTME along with the promo songs for 'Glory Days' which I cannot wait to be mine). But Throwback Thursday's & feature articles aren't picks so ha! Picking a Little Mix cover is quite difficult because there's such a big catalogue & they've excelled at every one I've heard. But I've chosen this one for the mix of Whitney Houston and Jason Derulo which included THAT note and led to the duet on 'Secret Love Song' (which I love musically but lyrically their solo version is superior). This mash-up like with Glee is so great because these girls work so well together & have so much energy that they put into their performances.