Monday, 24 October 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

Kicking off this gloomy (and flu-ridden) Monday is the beauty. As always I am weak when you give me such a pretty music video. It's got a very chilled, techno sound to it which I like and the lyrics have a good story to them as well. It feels moody without being overly depressing and did I mention it's really pretty? I talk a lot about songs & videos needing meaningful lyrics & a story to them (both of which i stand by) but scenery is also really important, especially when you're possibly lacking on one of the above. The Japanese House is an English singer/songwriter and you can pre-order 'Swim Against The Tide' now.

This song has a sample in it I can't quite place, but aside from that annoying me, this is quite the tune. The lyrics aren't by any means perfect, but they're also not the worst that's ever met my ears. The video's a little simple for me & doesn't really have a story to it, plus I'm not a big flower person (sorry, they're pretty but not for me). Curiosity is what drew me to this song & the music's what kept me here because this is so pleasing on the ears. Some people make songs that attack you from the second you press play which is ok, but I'm more of a slow build person; give me enough to press play & then wow me with the chorus. Through the parts of this song leading up to the chorus there is an underlay that's just waiting to break free, and it does so well in the chorus. The backing vocals also mix well with the music to give a type of haunting vibe. Maty Noyes is an American singer & I'm very intrgued to see how well she does in the future.

Ahh Astrid. It's been a few months since we last met (and I had 'Hurt So Good' on repeat for weeks) so boy was I glad when this popped up. This lyric video's getting extra points for the fact I love water (and have watched way too many documentaries about the ocean) but honestly where the song's concerned I can't say one bad thing about it. The lyrics leading up to the chorus are a little repetitive, but overall the lyrics have a story to them I can connect with. Musically this is absolutely sound with another nice slow build up which leads to a chorus that knocks your socks off. Honestly Astrid is one of my favourite new artists & any time I come across an undiscovered song is a joy to me. But no bias at all. Nope! Completely, 100% proffesional critic here. If you need a quick refresher or missed the previous picks, Astrid S is a Norwegian Singer/Songwriter & her debut album is available to buy & stream now.

Gonna be honest; I know absolutely nothing about this band & this is here partially because the songs good, but mostly for the video. It's fun, some at CONTROLRadioUK were cheering on the dear elderly and commenting on how they had moves on them. A quick search tells me Set It Off are an American Rock band from Florida, and this song is quite catchy and bouncy. But that's all I got.

Like the above I know absolutely nothing about Tessa and this is here because the songs fun. Video does absolutely nothing for us here at CONTROLRadioUK, the songs got a minor sample & I really like the music. Tessa Violet is an American video-blogger & song-writer best known for her Youtube Channel, so this is 2 weeks in a row where I've found Youtuber that don't make me want to throw the computer out. I'm gonna take that as a win & continue dancing to this song for the rest of the week.