Monday, 31 October 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Halloween Special

Happy Halloween everybody! It is not my favourite holiday of them all (the furore over clowns this year doesn't help). For every Halloween that passes us by I think people forget what the true meaning of Halloween is; a day dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints (hollows), martyrs & all the faithfully departed. Many Halloween traditions originated from Celtic harvest festivals & have Pagan routes. Yes trick or treating, dressing up in costumes & having parties has always been a part of Halloween, but these days people tend to focus way too much on that part (along with scaring the crap out of each other) than the part where you celebrate those who you've lost.

So bearing all this in mind when I was asked if I wanted to do a Halloween Music Video special picks for CONTROLRadioUK my answer was a firm no. Yes I may like the occasional thriller movie & watch some exceedingly bloody shows (RIP Banshee you were great until s4). That doesn't mean I want to watch a bunch of music videos that will freak the crap out of me (Looking at you Thriller which I've still never watched in full & don't plan to)

So instead I bring you 5 of my favorite themed music videos. Anything from devil horns to skeletons, masks to haunted houses. Have fun & enjoy laughing at my big wussy butt!

Yes we're starting off with OneRepublic and no that's not because they're one of my favorite bands & their new album is hooked to my music player. I love masquerade parties. I love music videos that mix the present with the past which they do excellently here, with the song, style and some of the instruments modern whilst everything else is Edwardian (which is one of my favorite periods in History due to amongst other things advances in technology).

It's not Halloween without this bop! Oh just me? Well feel free to thank me for your musical education. I shall reframe from an essay here, but basically whilst I like Kylie's version of this song, Steps are what made it fantastic (no bias here at all I swear). This version's just so fun & the devil costumes, red lights, dancers & choreography make this quite a good concert video considering today's standards. Again no bias here! Nothing to do with the fact I had this choreography down before the song ended. Nope, not at all!

Everyones favorite haunted house. Seriously this song is still so good it had everyone here at our darling CONTROLRadioUK HQ singing along when I brought it up for consideration (That's right people! We have a whole group of staff here that judge my taste in music just as much as you do!) I love the music which has a really great sinister note to it. Lyrics are a little tongue in cheek, Michael Jackson features in the chorus (so there's a nice little Thriller link for you) & this is the closest to a scary music video you're gonna find here.

It aint Halloween without the Ghostbusters! I still know all the lyrics to this song & I still sing along with all the belt in my chest. I have my own stupid dance routine that accompanies this song & includes a crazy air guitar solo. The video also includes clips from the original movie which in my opinion hasn't exactly aged well & the new Ghostbusters film is still my favorite of them all (though the multiple versions of this song can go home). Have a fun Halloween & enjoy making your dentist's Christmas which your candy overload.