Monday, 19 September 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

I love space. If I could take this audio video, print it out and hang it on my wall I would. So we've got that out the way. Vocally this track reminds me a lot of Caged The Elephant which I don't think is too bad a comparison to make. After a summer of dance music I am ready to listen to some rock and this track doesn't dissapoint in the slightest. I love lyrics that have a story to them, instead of being a bunch of words put together by a rhyming book. That said I find some of the lyrics a little repetitive, not really going anywhere & I've heard stronger songs covering the subject of identity and being happy with a place in the world. But they're winning me over here since I like the music and really enjoy the climax of the song. Highly Suspect is an American Rock Band which formed in 2009, and the new album's available for pre-order now.

Last week I was Rick-rolled for the first time in over 2yrs. It made me hate that song & want to avoid Rick Astley for the next decade all over again. But then I heard this song & was reminded Rick? Not so bad. Rick-rolled? Got old a long time ago. The chorus is a little generic for my taste but I'm not gonna be too critical because they act as the songs hook, so they need to be catchy. The video I think is quite fun, though the bit with the devil reminds me slightly of Tenacious D 'Tribute'. The lyrics aren't too bad but they don't really grab me, and the music isn't as strong as I'd like. It's still a nice feel good song though that has been stuck in my head. Rick Astley is an Artist you probably know (albeit possibly for the wrong reason) and his new album's out now.

Ahh Epica. I just don't want to quit you. Ever since I stumbled across 'Universal Death Squad', I have been enjoying their music. There is just something about their music which stands out from the rest of the crowd. Their lyrics & official music video's are a spectacle to watch, and I can rock out to their songs all night. Lyrically 'Edge Of The Blade' is quite the song to even attempt to dissect, and I do like songs that make me think out of the box. They also remind me a little bit in their sound of Evanescence (yes this is the week where I'm going to annoyingly compare everyone to everyone & brag about my great taste in music) Their new album comes out on September 30's & I'm looking forward to giving it a listen.

Ever since I came across 'Too Much To Dream' a few months back now, I have been loving Allie's music. It is so gorgeous and it's rare for me to come across an Artist/Band and love every song of their's. That's exactly what I have with Allie though. This isn't an absolute monster like 'All The Rage' is, but it's still a mighty fantastic track. The lyrics are catchy and have a story to them which is extremely relatable. I absolutely love the music & the chorus has been stuck in my head since I first press play. If you haven't listened to her music, it is not to late to press play and thank me later because you won't regret it.

Ok so this video's a little weird. But I am constantly told that weird is good. Helps you stand out from the crowd and such. Well the video doesn't do anything for me, but this song is my jam. I can't quite put my finger on what it is I like so much about it. Lyrically I could say this song is quite possibly dark, honestly though I'm too busy dancing to this song to really pay attention (I know, bad Sammy!) Fickle Friends are an English Indie/Pop band from Brighton who are currently working on their debut album, and I've very intrigued to see what it sounds like.