Monday, 8 August 2016

CONTROLRadioUK Picks 5 Songs You May Not Have Heard Of

Here at CONTROLRadioUK we're always on the look-out for music be it for the playlist, or just because we think the tracks are pretty neat so check out our picks below.

Last week after finally deciding to give Tegan & Sara a listen I brought you BWU and this week I'm bringing you the equally awesome Faint Of Heart. The backdrop on this song is very 80's with a bit of 90's mixed in, so it only makes sense to have the video as a tribute to some really fine artists. The only small critique I have is the video & lyrics don't match. Oh and this song should be neverending.

This is here for 2 reasons; The song is really good and the kid in this video is adorable. I'm gonna focus on the song here though because it is a bop, lyrically & musically solid. Again, the beauty of me bringing these picks every week is discovering bands I had never heard of before & probably wouldn't have. Glass Animals are an English Indie/Rock band from Oxford. Enjoy this beauty whilst I enjoy going through their discography.

I'll admit when Bastile first came out they weren't really my thing due to radio/music channels overplaying them. Now whilst I don't love every song they've done, but I don't dislike them either. Good Grief for example is a nice track with a very colourful video. Fake It on the other hand is an awesome track that I've been exhausting the replay button on (the chorus is epic). Bastille are an Indie/Pop band formed in 2010 you probably have heard of. Wild World will be released on 9th September which I'm very much looking forward to enjoying, before they're overplayed all over again & I'm back to disliking.

This was another song to fit in the 'not my usual type of music' bracket. But I was soon being praised by the other lovelies at CONTROLRadioUK HQ for bringing such an awesome song to their ears. Sometimes you just hear a song & you love it which is definitely the case here. The lyrics are certainly interesting & something to ponder over. I like the fact more attention is being put into lyric videos now, though the downside can be when actual music videos pale in comparison. Epica are a Dutch Symphonic/Metal band formed in 2002.

First things first; this song is great but I would've rather had an audio or lyric video instead of this actual video because it does absolutely nothing for the song. I like the occasional song from Sophie but not a majority of them so I wasn't expecting to like this song but I do. It's got a real nice funky sound to it and I love the guitar running through & the lyrics aren't bad either. Familia is due out in September & according to others at CONTROLRadioUK HQ sounds good from the snippets, so I may give it a listen. Sophie Ellis-Bextor is an English Singer/Songwriter.